The downfall of a weekend

I've been a bit quiet around here this week. Most of it is because I had things to promote here that deserved time in the spotlight. My post at Story Empire on Monday did very well. Today, I forgot to write a post about the Rave Reviews Book Club, but managed to reblog Mae Clair's post. If you decide to join and take advantage of the discount, tell them Mae Clair referred you.

We ran some errands on Saturday. Bought my mother a birthday present, got my wife's car serviced, pretty mundane stuff.

We managed to go to The Great Wall with Matt Damon. We thought it was great. Not a ton of plot, but lots of pageantry and color. It's kind of a mash-up with a bit of Kung-Fu style, some action, and a fantasy. It may not be for everyone, but we had a great time.

That's kind of where it came to a screeching halt. Our bulldog puppy, Otto, weighs in at 65 pounds now. He gets kind of crazy, and one of his favorite things is to jump around on the bed for a few minutes before we go to sleep.

Bulldogs have short legs, and when you add in that weight, he can't jump on the bed… so my wife lifts him up. She usually goes to bed about 30 minutes before I do, so I get to lift him down. Only this time, she wrenched her back.

“Don't give me that look. You played a part in all this.”

Anyway, my wife's Sunday was spent on the couch, followed by calling in sick on Monday and Tuesday. Oh, and lets add in a couple of visits to the chiropractor.

So, my big plans to make Monday my writing day evaporated. Maybe this coming weekend I can get something done. My wife and daughter are flying out together for some quality time. It will be just Otto and me, and my keyboard.

She's on the mend and went to work today. It's just one of those things you need to be aware of from time to time. The keyboard will always be there, but this weekend turned out to be about something else.

Oh, and come back tomorrow for Lisa Burton Radio.


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35 responses to “The downfall of a weekend

  1. Oh dang. That’s a bummer. I think I might be worried not just for your wife’s back, but are y’all worried he’ll flop off and break a paw? LOL sorry, I worry extra you know. I used to dogsit a tiny teacup terrier, and I’d worry all the time she’d fall off the bed at night. I suppose that prepared me for babies… I dunno, do dogs have depth perception? Oy. I do worry too much.
    Anyway, there’s always this coming weekend 🙂

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  2. Hope your wife feels better soon. Wow, Otto got big quick!

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  3. So sorry about the crappy weekend but I’m glad to hear that your wife is mending.

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  4. Glad the missus is on the mend and good luck this weekend.

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  5. Hope your wife feels 100% soon. Few things can end a weekend like a thrown back. At least you got to see a fun movie and she’s doing better.

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  6. Otto needs puppy stairs. They’ll save your wife’s back too.

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  7. Your poor wife! Otto is such a pampered pooch with wonderful puppy parents. I liked Sue’s suggestion of puppy stairs. That might be the solution.
    Hopefully, you’ll make up double time on the writing front this weekend. Of course, though, I’m sure there will have to be a few intermissions for pumpkin ball time.

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  8. I’m sorry, Craig. I’ve thrown my back out before, and I know the pain she was in. And I know how my husband had to take care of me, so I know what you did for her.

    One of my Labs has hip dysplasia and can no longer jump up on our bed. I lift the almost-100-pound doggie every night, sometimes more than once. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before I throw my back out again.

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  9. I hope all is well. I missed this one last night and have been buried today.

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  10. I’m glad your wife is on the mend, and hope you can figure out a way for the pup to get on the bed without risking your wife’s back (such as the stairs or ramps mentioned in other people’s comments).

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  11. Hope your wife is much better now!

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