By Popular Demand, Flipboard

Several of you asked for a post about Flipboard. Lisa Burton and I are explaining it over at Story Empire today. Stop by and say hi.

Story Empire

Hi all, Craig here again. I’ve posted a few times on my own blog, Entertaining Stories, about how I’ve benefitted from a semi-obscure media called Flipboard.

Flipboard is one of those curated content setups, and I came to it by accident. Once upon a time, I had a Zite Magazine account. I set it up to be a source of ideas that I might want to write about. All was well with the world, because I could give a thumbs up or down and improve the stories I got. I set up all kinds of things, like archaeology, paranormal, scientific discoveries, and more. Many of these made it into posts I make called The Idea Mill.

Then Zite got absorbed by Flipboard. I didn’t have any choice but to switch over. Honestly, it doesn’t work quite as well for my original purpose, but it allows me something I…

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9 responses to “By Popular Demand, Flipboard

  1. Most interesting. Thanks for sharing, Craig!

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  2. Hi Craig! Thanks for introducing me to Flipboard!

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  3. Ali Isaac

    Great post, Craig. Flipboard came preloaded on my phone and I admit I never even looked at it! Cant bear the thought of yet another social media platform to try and keep alive. But such great results and with little maintenance, what’s not to like?

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  4. I’m sold. Thanks for the step-by-step.

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