Sunday update

I was pretty worthless today. I have some regular events, like calling my parents, that I do every week. I accomplished that much.

The fact is, I didn't even try. Some days you just need to take a day off. I work a full time job, then I hit things hard on the weekends. I limited myself to a little bit of blog work, like assembling the next Lisa Burton Radio, and that's it. I also scheduled my next Story Empire post about Flipboard.

I'm embarrassed to admit that I'm recording The Walking Dead. In the interest of preserving my marriage, we are watching the Grammys. Which marketing genius on either side made sure both shows competed with each other?

In other news, Larissa Takahasi followed me again today. Maybe she'll actually say hi one day.

Things have gotten busy at the paycheck job lately. I have some presentions to make in the next few weeks, and one of them could be to over a hundred people. I'm ready for them, but I have to write the material for another one due in May. I suppose, just because I'm not writing fiction, doesn't mean I'm not writing.

Looking forward to completing the drafts of The Yak Guy Project, and The Enhanced League. They're both very close, but I'm not going to force either of them.

So it's back to the paycheck job for me. My floating day off is Wednesday, and those are usually pretty productive. I still might not finish anything, but I'll bet I get closer.


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30 responses to “Sunday update

  1. Maybe these should be called recharge days. Forgot about the Grammies, but I don’t really get into the award shows. Heard David Bowie won something.

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  2. Even with the best will in the world, sometimes we have to take time out. Usually means that we need it, so don’t fight it too much?

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  3. I’m playing catch-up as usual after the weekend. Sunday was my most productive day, with my goof off day as Saturday. When you think about it, many writers works two jobs–the paycheck job and the writing job. That’s a lot for any sane person to juggle. We earn every moment we take to recharge.
    I had a nice chuckle about Larissa Takahasi.

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  4. Sundays are definitely a recharge day for me. I spent it with my wife and daughter and didn’t do much writing at all. Of course, I was up writing until 1AM the night before.

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  5. Ali Isaac

    Everyone deserves a day off now and again. Your writing schedule is pretty intense. You should relax a bit. Sounds like your projects are coming along really well, so you can afford the time off. 😊

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  6. Good luck on the presentations. Also, hope you have a great week.

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  7. What’s up with that chick? You must just laugh about it now. Ridiculous!

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