Random Friday babbling, before I start writing

I saw another bald eagle along the Boise River. These have always been good omens for me. They seem to indicate success in whatever I'm striving for at the time. Looking forward to accomplishing some small goal this week.

I talked to my employer, and we're going to see if the city will come haul the trash out of the stream behind the office. I wrote my vignette and have no more use for whatever old chicken coop it turns out to be. They like to remove anything that impedes the flow, because of flood potential. They may clean up some of the branches where the wood ducks hang out too, but the ducks can find new ones.

I seem to have timed my commute this week so I fall behind a lady from Canyon County. She likes to hold down the fast lane, and guarantees our safety by driving below the speed limit. Cars flow around her like a bolder in the stream, but on the right hand side. This is dangerous. I have no problem with her anchoring the fast lane, but she should at least drive the speed limit. Even then, she'll be the slowest person on the road, but at the speed limit, I really can't complain. (I still will, but it won't be justified.)

Larissa N. Takahassi followed me this week. (Again) She seems to follow me about every two weeks. Larissa has an online makeup store of some kind. I don't buy a lot of makeup, so I don't follow her back. Seems to me that, barring WordPress disasters, you only have to follow me once.

This is a game. She's out there following people at random, possibly to get those who automatically follow back. Then she unfollows. I suspect this is a game designed to eventually sell her online makeup store and use the number of online followers to indicate value.

I checked this morning, and she is not among my followers today. Maybe she didn't like this week's posts. Maybe I should exorcise her by writing her into a horror story.

Otto is snoring beside me in my recliner. He usually gets restless and jumps down after about twenty minutes of poodle time. That gave me a chance for this random babble. Then I need to saddle up my yak and head for the steppes.

Maybe a progress report later today, if the eagle omen works out.


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57 responses to “Random Friday babbling, before I start writing

  1. Here’s hoping the omen works in your favor. Maybe it will keep the Sunday driver and the makeup lady off your radar.

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  2. Omens are a good thing. The two characters you discussed this morning live everywhere. The driver you mention is visiting here from Iowa. Big pick up going under the limit on the road and speeding like hell on the beach. Please exorcize all of them. The follower is out there by the thousands. Curse them as well. Missed last night’s post but will catch up later. Have a great day.

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  3. Bald eagles are not only majestic, but they are fascinating to watch. Several mating pairs of bald eagles have their own web cams. This way you can watch from egg to fledgling. Thanks for the post.


  4. Saddle up your yak and stomp all over the woman who doesn’t pass people in the fast lane! How do you endure it?!? You’ve got some patience!
    I hate the follow-to-unfollow people. I hardly follow anyone new anymore. I go in there maybe three times a year to see who’s still following. There’s an app, but I forget what it is until I need it again. Otherwise I just do my thing and leave. I love to binge on Twitter, but people who are on it all day surely have more time than I do!
    I hope your omen brings you good stuff 🙂

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  5. Streams of water and traffic, everything’s flowing — sounds like the eagle has brought you movement, Craig. I hope your creative flow keeps going~~

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  6. That WAS random, but entertaining. I have quite a few of those repeat follower people…. :-/

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  7. I think we all have Larissas. I used to get people like that on Twitter. Over and over again they’d follow me and then unfollow. There must be an app for it lol

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  8. Well, now I’m going to check my followers list. Hope they can do something about the trash.

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  9. I’ve been getting a lot of weird blog followers lately, a few that seem to have popped up more than once. Make up sounds familiar. She’s probably making the rounds.

    As for people who drive in the fast lane and go at a snail’s pace…..grr! I generally think they’re afraid they’re going to miss their turn or something if they get in the right lane. Happy Friday!

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  10. I always thought it was illegal to drive under the speed limit in the fast lane. I’d ask why she wasn’t in the slow lane, but I doubt we have a real answer. Could make some up, I guess. Never noticed those re-followers before. Have to keep that in mind.

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  11. In the U.K., we don’t have a ‘fast lane.’ It’s the ‘overtaking lane’, so that would drive round the bend if there was no overtaking happening!

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  12. Lol! Your mind was all over the place, but easy to follow, unlike the annoying lady on the freeway. 🙂 John Howell is right. They’re everywhere. Hope you meet your goals!


  13. OMG! Too funny…Larissa follows me an a daily or weekly basis. I just thought she really liked me!

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  14. N. N. Light

    I vote for writing her into a horror story and then killing her, v-e-r-y slowly. lol!

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  15. I’ve had a spate of ‘followers’ from India recently, that seem oddly familiar too … ah well, I guess it keeps them occupied! 😀

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  16. Like everyone, hope the eagle brings you could luck!

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  17. PHS

    That was very random but the eagle is good!

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  18. I hope they do clear your stream. That flooding is no joke.

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  19. Oh, I hate when people do that. It’s as automated obnoxious as DMs. Aren’t we getting close to needing another Otto pic? *hint hint*

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