Progress, such as it is.

We just walked in from date night, and took Otto for a walk. It's nice to have the gigantic snow drifts gone again. There are still some ten foot tall piles around everywhere, but most areas are clear now.

I managed about 1500 words today on my novel. That isn't great, but it's better than nothing. This part involved killing some bad guys, and accomplishing one of his goals. The next goal is a journey through the wilderness with people who are ill suited for it. (Children.) This time, he's the one leading and not in the care of others. Did I mention this is a personal growth story?

The story structure is based on the Major Arcana of the Tarot. I'm torn as to whether to include the Death card in the next section, or not. It might come across as forced, and many might not realize that it doesn't signify actual death. Decisions to be made on the fly.

After this journey, one big turning point, then denouement.

I stopped to take care of some neglected chores. Where we shoveled the driveway, there were four + foot piles of snow for the last two months. It was 50+ degrees this week, and that's all changed now. The drifts are small enough to allow me to recover my extension cords. These were out for Christmas lights, but got frozen in place then buried. I also picked up my ladder and broom, these were in place for multiple cleanings of the satelite dish. My dream is that's all behind us now for the rest of 2017.

Right before date night, I hacked my way through a proof of next week's Lisa Burton Radio interview. If my guest author approves, I'll assemble and schedule it on Sunday. I have another one to work on too. Then I need more guests.

Tomorrow I have another shot at some writing, so maybe I can work right up to the end. I could actually finish, but that would be an extraordinary day. If this one stumps me, I'll shift over to the book of short stories.

Hope the rest of you are having a great weekend.


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31 responses to “Progress, such as it is.

  1. Hurray for progress. Hope you had a fun date night.

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  2. Oh my, 1500 words is pretty much my daily goal. Go you!

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  3. I forget the difficulties of living in a ‘proper’ northern climate… Here in Cornwall where we’re so close to the coast, snowfalls are few and far between and rarely stick around for more than a couple of days unless you’re on really high, exposed ground. Don’t envy the long-lived amounts you seem get over there, so I hope you get your wish! 😀

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  4. Any progress is good!!

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  5. Progress wins the race! I hope the snow days are behind us too, but here, no luck. There’s snow in the forecast for Wed. Sigh. Better news, though, I got my car heater fixed! It was awful with no heat. I’ve been sick for weeks now because of it.

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  6. Sounds pretty well-balanced. A walk, some chores, and 1500 words 🙂 I’m having a fabulous weekend — It was so warm and sunny here that not only did I get my windows cleaned, but then I got to open them. It’s open window weather here tonight! Gonna be good sleepin! 🙂

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  7. Progress is progress, friend. Doesn’t matter if it’s 200 words or 2000.

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  8. Our snow is finally melting too. No where near what you had but enough to remind us it’s still winter. Good job on adding to the novel. It sounds like you’re in the home stretch.

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