Amie in Africa visits Lisa Burton Radio

Today is Thursday, and that means it's time for another edition of Lisa Burton Radio. I'm your host, Lisa the robot girl, and my very special guest today is Amie Fish. “Welcome to the show, Amie.”

“I’m really pleased to be on the show Lisa thank you for asking me.”

“So what possesses a newlywed to uproot and move half-way around the world to darkest Africa?”

“I didn’t have a choice, Lisa. My newly married husband was offered a job in Togodo and it was expected that I go with him. I wasn’t looking forward to it, not one little bit. I had a good job in a local television production company and my family lived in the same town. I was quite happy as I was.”

“My bio says you got a little bored, and went to work using your journalism skills for an Army Colonel. What kind of reporting did you do?”

“Let’s backtrack a bit here. I was most certainly not bored. There was plenty going on at the Expats club, and I helped out at a local orphanage as well. And then we went to stay at a game lodge and the owner there taught us so much about the wild life and how the Bushman survived, and the wild plants you could eat and where to find water. It was all so fascinating. I think it was then that I fell in love with Africa.”

“Well it does say here you were blackmailed? Tell us about the blackmail. “

“This colonel just pitched up at my door one morning and asked me to film some projects for him. I didn’t want to, in Africa you steer clear of getting involved in anything with the authorities. But he hinted that Jonathon, my husband, would not be allowed to work and … well, as you can see I felt I had no choice. And the awful part about it – these projects were pure propaganda, there was no truth in any of the projects he asked me to show about their work uplifting the local community. Then, to make matters even worse I was asked to film the result of an ambush, and that was just awful. I did it twice and then made a firm decision not to do any more for him, no matter what the consequences were.”

“Good for you, standing up for what you believe in. What led to you take this stand?”

“It’s dangerous getting involved with politics when you’re a guest in a country, and by then I had fostered a child and I didn’t want any harm to come to her. I was hoping that maybe I could even possibly adopt her?”

“So what did you do?”

“Before I had a chance to refuse to work for the colonel again, the civil war broke out and I was flung in prison. I’ve never been so scared in my life. I managed to escape but the only way I could get to safety was to walk to the neighbouring country. I then had to remember everything I had learned about surviving in the wild.”

“It all sounds exciting, and dangerous. What did you–“

“Sorry, Lisa, I just can't. It's time for me to take another stand. That Clarke woman put me through hell… I can’t begin to list the things – torture, prison, a firing squad, escaping lions, more than once. You know she may have lived in Africa for decades, but I don’t think she had to endure the horrors she put me through. She’s now writing book four and I have to put a stop to it. And did I mention how many people she kills off just by tapping a few keys on her laptop? So now I’m seeking an injunction to keep Lucinda E Clarke from writing any more Amie stories, enough is enough.”

“I get it. Fictional characters have it tough. I got shot, electrocuted, and lost a couple of friends, as in dead, in the course of my story.”

“Well I'm not going to take it any longer. I’m looking into crowd funding, I’m mentioning it in the blogs and newsletters and I’ve already got a high end lawyer in London to serve her a warning. This interview is a great chance to get as much support as I can. There must be thousands of other fictional characters out there who are prepared to stand up to their authors, this is just the beginning of the revolution.”

“Amie, I think this might be a first. A fictional character suing her author. It looks like we have a caller. Hello, caller, you're on the air with Lisa and Amie.”

“Good morning Lisa, I’m Lucinda E Clarke, and I’d like you to terminate this interview immediately. It’s grossly inaccurate.”

“I have only spoken the truth, you did throw me in prison, you deliberately let me poison myself, you left me defenseless and alone.”

“You’re still alive aren’t you? I got you out of it all–“

“You didn’t have to put me in those situations in the first place. When you started writing about me I thought the books about me were going to be cosy and romantic and having babies and–“

“I gave you a more exciting life than that!”

“Oh sure you did, but you never consulted me did you? Well you’ve gone too far this time, especially the shock at the beginning of book 3 that was the final straw.”

“You had a new career waiting for you–“

“Yes, one I didn’t ask for and one I hate.”

“It’s obvious you are not going to listen to reason – while you are busy suing me, I can see that I have a radio show to counter sue and I shall have a restraining and gagging order on you.”


What a controversy. Thank you for agreeing to be on the show, Amie. Listeners who want to learn more about Amie's plight can pick up the ‘Amie in Africa’ series. I'll include all the links on the website.”

“Well thank you for listening to me Lisa, at least there is one person who understands. Lucinda doesn’t care, it’s just good to have one shoulder to cry on, even if you are a robot.”

“So how about it, listeners? Which side of this controversy are you on? Should authors go easier on their characters, or should the characters just buck-up and take it? Let's hear it in the comments.

“And don't forget to use those sharing buttons. I know Amie and Lucinda would appreciate it, and you will too when your character is on a future edition of Lisa Burton Radio. Have a great day everyone.”


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Lucinda E. Clarke Bio:

Abandoned in the African bush with a 9 week old baby and no resources Lucinda could look back on a childhood of mental abuse, without knowing that before her lay an even more bizarre future. She would run the worst riding school in the world, broadcast live with a bayonet at her throat, be fired from her teaching position and thrown into the media world. She would learn how to lie in the name of propaganda, write about dozens of topics for a variety of clients and have her own newspaper column. She would meet kings and statesmen, international artists and rural Africans. She would win several awards along the way for her scripting and films. Eventually she would reluctantly leave Africa to retire in Spain. A few months later she would begin writing books – six to date in a variety of genres – and start a whole new career.

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50 responses to “Amie in Africa visits Lisa Burton Radio

  1. Super interview! You just have to stop whining Amie, you know you love it, really!
    Love this -( and Africa) -will look out this series

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  2. I suppose characters do know when it’s time to stop writing them and leave them in peace.

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  3. A highly creative interview. Authors do put their characters through all kinds of hurdles, but if we didn’t their stories wouldn’t be nearly as enticing.

    Those are exceptional covers on Lucinda’s books. They really resonate with the setting.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. A huge thank you to Craig for allowing Amie to hang up on me and then broadcast that to the world. I guess as she becomes better known and I, Lucinda slide into obscurity, she will eventually get her revenge. Oh and thanks for the re-blogs folks 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Loved this. I had John J. Cannon threaten to sue me once. He thought there was a breach of contract issue. We did settle and are now very close. I’m sure Amie and Lucinda will come to terms as well. Nice job, Craig, and Lisa.

    Liked by 2 people

  6. This was such a fun interview! Gosh, I hope characters don’t start suing their authors. I couldn’t afford it. And my husband would be so angry with me!

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  7. Hah! These diva main characters are getting more and more uppity! You stick to your guns Lucinda – Amie wouldn’t be around at all if it wasn’t for you! 😀
    Great interview Lisa, but don’t get any ideas – you have a sweet gig going there with Craig! 😉

    Liked by 2 people

  8. Reblogged this on lucinda E Clarke and commented:
    Amie celebrity for a day – that’s as much as she’s going to get!

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  9. Hehe… My characters tend to end up pretty bad, so… Sorry Lisa!

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  10. Super duper interview. Love these. When did character get so vocal? They never did that in my day. 😀 😀 😀

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  11. Reblogged this on Don Massenzio's Blog and commented:
    Check out this edition of Lisa Burton radio as she interviews Amie from Lucinda Clarke’s book series. Check out the fireworks when Lucinda intervenes.

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  12. Love it! So Amie and so Lucinda!!

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  13. “Escaping lions more than once.” Wow. Intriguing!

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  14. Ali Isaac

    Haha! Great twist to this interview, well done! Poor Lisa, stuck in the middle, but you Handled it really well. 😊

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  15. Susan Jackson

    Oh Lucinda, half the time I don’t know what is real and what is a story but love it all, keep writing!!

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  16. So much drama! Reminds me of when the youngest of my 7 girls was a teenager and the oldest a New Adult ( as they are called now) I just thought that she’d never make it to 26 and wondered when she got so stupid. 5 teenagers, all hormonal girls, living in the house at the same time. My husband moved to the garage! And took the dog! I think those were the best years, having all my girls at home together, the complete chaos of everyday life, the laughter and tears, yelling and hugging, tampons and bras, boyfriends and girlfriends, so many cars, only 4 bathrooms, and the complete loss of common sense! While we never went to Africa we had a zoo, I kid you not! Reading your work brings back so many wonderful memories of thought out decisions with fated outcomes, and wondering how we all thrived! Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent!

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