Fun half-day with the grandkids

Otto and I woke up early today. I managed two chapters of beta reading, and while it isn't great, I get to count it as progress. That may be all I accomplish, besides updating this blog.

Our granddaughter was sick last night, so we only got our grandson overnight. We checked this morning, and she was fine, so we picked her up on the way to the Discovery Center. People were lined up before they even opened the door. Not us, we let the line go inside, then walked up without standing in the cold. No sense in exposing our granddaughter to any more cold than we had to.

The attraction is the traveling exhibit of Sue the Tyrannosaurus Rex. I'll be honest and say I was as excited as they were. We get some cool things in Boise, but usually manage to miss them. This time we decided not to procrastinate until it was too late.

Sue is the largest T-Rex ever found, and one of the most complete. They aren't certain if “she's” a male or female, but it's named after one of the folks who helped extract her from the ground. They refer to her in the female, and with no better evidence, why not.

It really is impressive. The fossils are in a museum in Chicago, and are too valuable to travel. This is a reproduction/replica. The castings are so accurate even some scientists prefer to work with them. They have a second head on a rotating pedestal that you can get up close and personal with. There are cross sections of bones you can touch and examine, and even some coprolites and eggs (under glass). Cool stuff. I haven't been to a museum full of this stuff in decades, but there are several good ones in Utah. For Boise, this is a big deal.

Of course I had to be a fan-boy too. It's pretty cool seeing the remains of a predator that's longer than a cross-town bus.

We stuck around and played with slime, created a tornado, and experimented with a television green screen. We learned about levers, pulleys, and the grandkids got to lay on a bed of nails. It's the Discovery Center, it's what you do.

We have reservations at a restaurant tonight, w/o grandkids. I doubt I'll get any serious work done today, and Sundays usually aren't too productive either. I'm off Monday, and have high hopes.

Hope everyone else is having a great weekend too.


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42 responses to “Fun half-day with the grandkids

  1. What a great day! Sue sounds like she is worth seeing. I have to say you look like a grandpa should look. Nice job. 🙂

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  2. Glad you got some grandkids time!

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  3. Fabulous Craig! We have the British Museum Of Natural History here in London about an hour on the train from us so as soon as Beany’s able to take it all in and enjoy it, we’re going!!

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  4. That sounds like a better exhibit than the real one in Chicago! 🙂

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  5. That is an awesome sight. I always expect dinosaurs to be so much bigger than they turn out to be. Have a fun weekend with the family.

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  6. Sounds like a great day! Gotta love dinosaurs!

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  7. My oldest son became interested in dinosaurs at a very young age (he did a great velociraptor impression) – he would have loved this exhibit – and so would I!

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  8. Awesome. I think this weekend is going too fast for my taste, but it’s still a good one. 🙂

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  9. Looks a fun day out, especially with the dinosaur Tyrannosaurus Rex exhibit, great pictures!

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  10. Wow, what a great exhibit! I’ve loved dinosaurs since I was a kid. I still remember a blue brontosaurus I got at a fair when I was six years old. The other stuff sounds great too.

    We have something in my area called The Whittaker Center for Science and the Arts that often have exhibits like these. No Sue though. Maybe she’ll make her way east eventually.

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  11. Sue was in Spokane a few years ago. You really don’t get the sense of scale until you stand beside her whole skeleton.


  12. Plenty of inspiration for you in the cabin tomorrow today – tell Lisa to get the tea mashed and ready! 😉
    Seriously jealous of your seeing Sue. Maybe T.Rex’s were like birds as well – the gals being usually bigger than the guys… 😀

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  13. When I was in college, I spent a lot of time at the different Carnegie museums both for personal and scholastic reasons. Personally, because I loved several of the exhibits. Scholastically because sometimes we were assigned work there. One of the things architecture students had to do was visit the T-Rex installation and draw the empty space around the bones. Long story as to why that was and what we were to learn, but the cool thing was spending so much time studying that creature. Truly awe-inspiring. Glad you and the grandkids got to visit Sue. Hope your granddaughter is feeling better.

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    • A certain amount of space enhances the exhibit. I feel the same way about white space on the written page. Our granddaughter may have had a bit too much cake and excitement. Combine that with staying up too late, and she didn’t feel well. (It was big sister’s birthday.) she was fine at the exhibit, and is fine now, thanks.


  14. Aww, that sounds like so much fun!!!! “Sue” is enormous. Wow. You’re so lucky to have so much going on near you. For us, it’s a haul to do fun things like this. Although, Disney on Ice just came to Manchester (about an hour south of us, which isn’t too bad), but the grandkids and my daughter-in-law (did I tell you she’s having a boy? Yay!!!!) caught the flu at daycare. Bummer.

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  15. Dinosaur bones are always a great day out 😀 We’re not too far from the Natural History Museum for when we need a dino fix. This sounds like a great exhibition, especially the up-close stuff x

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