Meanwhile in Idaho

This is a current image out my office window.


Mmmm, bird seed.


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41 responses to “Meanwhile in Idaho

  1. Much better view than mine!

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  2. Must be hungry. Brrrr. Nice picture though.

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  3. N. N. Light

    What a pretty picture and a humorous deer, too. 😉 It’s snowing out my window and trust me, it’s not as pretty.

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  4. PHS

    That’s nuthin’! I heard a Bigfoot howling out back of the house a while back! I’m from Alabama so I can make crazy claims…

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  5. Aww, such a cutie. But look at that snow! Brr!

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  6. Looks lovely against your blog wallpaper too! 😀

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  7. I’m’a comin’ in your yard and starvin’ your berdz! 😀

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  8. Dang. You have such a fabulous view!

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  9. That’s a beautiful view from your window… mine is nowhere near as good!

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