Working a different direction

I took an actual vacation day today. I've done this for writing purposes before, but not this time. This time, I wanted to fulfil some reading commitments. I've been reading one book for far to long, and wanted to finish. I also promised a friend a beta read by March. I always try to meet my deadlines, and needed to clear my slate so I could start on the new book.

I got that much done today. I have a clear deck now, but did not start the new reading. I also have 2.5 Lisa Burton Radio spots to get started on, and will probably address those tomorrow. This is the life of a modern day author.

I also worked on some blog art for my next Story Empire post. With the new group members, I'm not up again until late February, but it's still something I needed to accomplish. My Apple Pencil needed charging, so I goofed on social media while I waited.

I need to think up something for my February banner, but nothing is clicking there. I have time, and something will probably come to me. February is just a boring month. Maybe I'll make something that has nothing to do with February.

Writing takes a back seat, but reading is good exercise for a writer. In that spirit, it wasn't unproductive at all. Promotion must be done, and I'm tricking myself into thinking the radio spots are branding for me, even though the posts are about the guest authors.

I'll probably pick up my critiques and work on those to fill in the corners. Maybe I'll change my pinned tweet again. It's been a couple weeks since I changed it, and it's time.

Tonight we're going for pizza and beer. A guy can only do so much of this stuff in one stretch. Maybe the elixir of creativity will give me an idea for my next banner art.


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28 responses to “Working a different direction

  1. I am having pizza and wine. (I know, I know) Anyway, reading is a good thing and is an effective tool for a writer. The radio spots are branding. Hope you enjoy the night.

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  2. Curious to see what you do for February. It really is a dull month even with its holidays. How is the Apple Pencil? Haven’t heard about that in a while.

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  3. I’m planning to cut back on blogging in February. Who knows what will happen 🙂
    Enjoy your pizza & beer! (What a silly sentence.) lol

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  4. Pizza and beer are a great way to spend a friday evening. To rake a vacationday for reading sounds very nice and it seems you got quite a lot done!

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  5. All this writing/reading/blogging is all consuming isn’t it? Before I started, I never realised just how much more there was to it, and it seems to grow overnight!

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  6. It’s the actual reviewing that’s my big ball and chain these days. Reading is never a problem, as it’s rewarding and inspirational, but writing a response… So! February has at least 2 or 3 less days going for it, so I’ve decided that I’m going to prioritise review writing at last – honest injun… 😛

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  7. Pizza and beer– you are definitely my kind of writer!

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  8. We did pizza and beer too on Friday night (though I had wine 🙂 ), then I spent yesterday trying to recover from an email black hole my account got sucked into on Friday. Still not sure I have it all sorted out, but at least I’m getting mail again…and like you I managed to finish a book I’ve been reading for a while. It can’t always be about writing!

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    • Sounds like a lot of people had pizza, and John Howell had wine with his too. It should be more about writing than it has been lately, but I have to take a reading break. I still need to get one in for RRBC too by the end of the quarter. Rossis has a new book of short stories if he added it to the catalog. I might try one of Staci’s too.

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      • I read Honest Fibs by Rossis which is good and Staci’s books are exceptional. I especially love her Cathedral Lake Series and Medici Series. CLS is more mainstream fiction and MS has a paranormal slant. My next read will be one for RRBC.
        Oh, and I like John’s tastes 🙂

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      • I got through Honest Fibs, but there is a newer one. He doesn’t always get them in the catalog right away. I have to read John before I do anything else though. Writing may have to come to a standstill for now. I can sometimes save time by dedicating myself to something specific. That gets finished, then I have unimpeded writing time. Doing it all at once adds a certain amount of whining time that doesn’t help.

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      • I’ll have to check out the newer one. I’m not sure I have it. All of John’s are great. I read his whole John Cannon series. And I hear you about dedicated time. It also results in a nice sense of accomplishment

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