Guest posting at Venture Galleries

Come visit me at Venture Galleries today.

Inside the Literary Mind of C. S. Boyack

JANUARY 19, 2017


Question: Tell me about your newest book and what was the inspiration behind your writing it?

Craig: I have a lot of projects going on, and this could be answered several ways. My last novel was The Playground. I wanted to weave together different viewpoints almost like a Frank Miller or Quentin Tarantino story. This one is paranormal though, and might appeal to some.

I also write a lot of short fiction. My last publication was a collection of short stories that include science fiction, paranormal, and fantasy tales. I tried to replicate the pulp era in some of them.

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17 responses to “Guest posting at Venture Galleries

  1. Jurassic Park is such a great book. As much as I love the movie, it doesn’t do the book justice. Have to agree with you on the editing front. Especially when you get into the later runs. Maybe this is the real reason we’re told to wait a few months before editing.

    (Wouldn’t let me comment on the original. The verification thing was stuck on going to an old email address.)

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  2. I saw Caleb promoting the Playground on Twitter. That’s wonderful that he featured you today. Hopping over now.

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  3. I am intrigued! I love stumbling upon hidden gems on wordpress and I would definitely say you’re one of them. I’ve been clicking everywhere on your blog and haven’t found a single thing I don’t want to read. I look forward to back reading and future reading 😉

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  4. Venture Galleries is a wonderful place and Caleb is a wonderful guy. Hopping over to check out your interview!

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  5. I tried to leave a comment on Venture Galleries but something was wrong as Discus couldn’t recognize any passwords. So I’ll leave it here. I’m a big fan of Craig’s and enjoyed the interview.

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