Guest author: Charles E. Yallowitz – Who’s in charge?

Charles Yallowitz is over at Sue Vincent’s blog today. Would any of you ever modify your story as a form of fan service? Join the conversation.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

apocalypse-1325398_1280Thanks to Sue for letting me be a guest on her blog. Normally, I would be writing about fantasy or something magical because that’s my main genre.  Yet, it isn’t my only one and I have my smaller world to touch on this time.  In a few weeks, I will be releasing the sequel to Crossing Bedlam and diving back into the realm of adult language, wild violence, dystopian landscapes, insane characters, and sexual innuendos.  This tends to be my downtime project because it doesn’t have the heaviness of my other series.  I get to wrap myself in the crazy fun and just go along for the ride.

I should probably explain what this series is about before I go any further.  This is a world where the United States of America has collapsed because it appears the rest of the world voted to put them in a timeout.  Canada…

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4 responses to “Guest author: Charles E. Yallowitz – Who’s in charge?

  1. Thanks for sharing Charles’ post…and for keeping me entertained all evening.:)

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  2. Thanks for hosting Charles! Great interview.

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