The Weekend… ends

Back to the paycheck job for me tomorrow. I had high hopes for some writing, but it never happened. At least not to the degree I had planned.

I spent most of the weekend working on social media stuff and expanding my footprint out in cyberspace. After a lot of fussing and fiddling, I now have sites on Google+ and Pinterest. I have no idea exactly what I'm going to do with them, but I have my reasons.

Google is the biggest search engine on the planet, and I've been told that a presence there helps increase your chances of getting found on a search. So I signed up, and figured out how to push these blog posts onto G+. If any of you are interested this might be my profile

Pinterest is one I had to be talked into. Nothing is a silver bullet in the world of discovery, but many of us are quite visual. I've written entire stories because I saw a piece of artwork, and this one seems like a good fit for me. If it doesn't expand my footprint, I'll still use it for inspiration. I still don't know how either of these work completely. And like with G+, I'm not completely sure if this is my profile

Part of the issue is my dependence on an iPad. These two seem to want to work best on an app. In fact Pinterest wants to drive me to the app, even when I want the browser version. I kind of slapped it around and tried to force it to give me the link I needed. If anyone is interested, I'm Craig Boyack on Google+. I wanted to be Entertaining Stories or even C. S. Boyack, but Google wants it to match my gmail address exactly. I wound up using a business site on Pinterest, and got to be Entertaining Stories over there.

I'm content with Entertaining Stories, because of branding. I also spent a considerable amount of time hunting for that image that eludes me. I saw it on Facebook around Halloween, and never grabbed it. It's going to be the basis of a shorter story after I finish up some projects. (Even if I never find it.)

So, I'm open to some comments and even critiques on these sites. I've been told a pin board for coming books can create a lot of interest. I'm too late in the game to start for my current projects, but will probably try it for the next wave. I created a small Lisa Burton board, and added some select images with links. Do you think I should do a cover gallery and link those too?

Obviously, I need some friends on these sites. Social media takes a ton of time, and I'll dedicate what I have to the forms that seem to be working or more interactive.

I also assembled and scheduled the next two Lisa Burton Radio spots, built and posted the Rave Reviews Book Club Spotlight Author post, and spent a considerable amount of time at Story Empire.

Just to make sure I wasn't slacking, I printed, read, and marked up critique submissions. We meet Thursday night again, and I'm ready.

Yak Guy got left to his own devices. Today, just to keep my hand in, I wrote another “anthem” piece for The Enhanced League. Regulars will remember one I shared, and they're in second person point of view. I really want to call this one Superman, but titled it Super Man in an attempt to avoid a lawsuit. Do you think this might be safe? It's about a guy trying to steal a base in a baseball game and flying through the air like… well you get it. It's 850 words and I'm counting them. Not much for three days.

We have one of those phony gas log fireplaces. I couldn't care less about it, but my wife scheduled it for service today – because I'm home. (Wasn't that sweet of her.) A big part of my writing time went to keeping Otto out of the guy's toolbox. That meant I didn't have enough time for much more than an anthem piece, but I'm counting it as progress anyway.

So there was my weekend; Otto, snow, fondue, more snow, Lisa Burton Radio, snow, Story Empire, snow, Superman, below zero temperatures, service man, snow, Pinterest, snow, and Google+.

How about it peeps? Do you use these other social media? How do you use them? Do you have any tips or tricks for us in the comments? Am I going to get sued by DC Comics? I know you can't copyright a title, but the title is Action Comics that Superman appears in.


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  1. I have Google+, but only connected to my blog. Never figured out how to use it very well. Same with Pinterest, but goodreads, Amazon, and WordPress have buttons. The hard part is remembering to pin. Didn’t realize you could effectively comment on there either.

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  2. I use them all, but have to admit I don’t know what I’m doing. Pinterest is the most baffling.I’ll go over and lend my follow.

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  3. Hey! I was already following you on Google plus. Followed the Pinterest stuff.

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  4. I read somewhere that titles couldn’t be copyrighted, nor could character names, however if you tried to use Harry Potter (that was their example) you’d end up getting sued. My completely novice and inexperienced advice? Probably better safe than sorry. Change the title or contact DC Comics for their legal take on the matter.

    Sorry you didn’t get as much done as you wanted. I’m in the same boat, but I feel like I usually am.

    Already following you on G+. Off to find you on Pinterest now…

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  5. Social media drives me nuts – it takes waaay too much time. I noticed you interjected snow…we are shut down here. No school, no offices (except for MDs and my son-in-law’s business which said if he couldn’t make it in over icy roads, he’s have to take a vacation day!). I’m investigating G+

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  6. I save stuff to Pinterest, but apparently, I’m not doing it right or something, because my girlfriends have like 150+ boards with 10k in pins and I’m like, “Oh I would like to make an apple streusel,” and I save it, and then I make it, and if it’s good, I put it on a recipe card like it’s 1917 — Either way I delete it. *shrugs*
    Google + is a freakin desert for me. I use Google Mail, Docs, and Hangouts, but I just can’t get excited about Google+. It seems my children use it quite a bit, more like their version of FB. My son makes videos on it. I don’t know. Still, every single one of my blog posts are there. Not that anyone cares. Well, maybe Orb. He might care… Otherwise it’s a wasteland for me.

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  8. Not sure how you manage to get so much stuff done, Craig. Puts most of us to shame, you do. We are on all of those sites, but not really sure if we use it properly, those handbooks you mentioned would be a wonderful!

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  9. carmens007

    Well, I am on both and have just followed you.
    I have also sent you a pin via Pinterest linked to writing.
    I have many boards. The first two are for my novels, the rest are for fields I am interested in – Paranormal, Dracula’s country, My reviews and I have also accepted invitation to join other boards/people. I have a board Useful Tips that is dedicated most to writing/authors. It’s crammed with interesting ideas.
    But, to tell you the truth, except the fact that if you search for something you may realize you’ve spent a couple hours on Pintrest – there are so many interesting and captivating things to read – I can’t say it helped me with marketing my novels! Not at all!
    And, lately, they’ve changed the way of notification and, in fact, they made things more complicated from my POV! I used to know when people were following me, not anymore.
    As about Google+ I ‘m on it, too, with 2 accounts. Haven’t noticed any rise in sales due to it. Only lets you know when people you follow posted something.
    So this is my experience with them. I am on Niume and rReaders’legacy, too. These appeared last year.
    All of the above- time consuming vampires!

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    • I’m not thinking so much in terms of sales as in terms of exposure. If I can eventually lead people to the blog, I might gain some friends, and those may become buyers. I read the article, and it’s pretty helpful. Thanks.

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  10. I’m increasingly frustrated by social media. It eats time and then spits at you when you think you have the algorithms sussed. I just don’t have the time or the energy for it. Basically I’ve cut right back to Facebook and Instagram. I have the blog of course and a presence on Goodreads but that’s it. I can’t keep up with Twitter and I personally think it disingenuous. I enjoy Instagram and the creative community I’ve found on there. Facebook is there because most people are on Facebook and it means you have a presence they can follow if they want to. Instead of social media I’m concentrating on the websites SEO and blogs, creating quality content that Google and other search engines will index and bring up when people search for keywords that are relevant to my writing and business. We’ll see what happens.

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  11. I was following you on G+ but just added the follow on Pinterest. I love that Lisa has her own board. Lots of great art! And thanks for including me in “Friends books” I’m not sure if I have a board like that, but I would love to start one. I also need to do a Point Pleasant Board or something to tie into my novels. I went crazy on Pinterest when I first set it up but haven’t done much with it in a long time. It’s probably the social media source that is the most fun because I can explore and share so many of my interests.

    I just ventured on Instagram. Now I’ve got to do something with it.

    I do think Google+ is a good one because of SEO and a presence in their search engine.

    Now if there were only more hours in the day for all this stuff…

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    • Time is my biggest enemy. I need to put myself out there, but I need to sling new words too. I added links to all of Lisa’s pertinent stuff and they worked when I tested them. It may be that nobody ever clicks them, but it didn’t cost me much. I keep a page of universal links and just pasted them on. I will probably make a board for my own books next.

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  12. Not sure on the Superman thing. You’d have to research to be certain. I followed you back on Google+ and followed you on Pinterest. Connecting your blog to Google+ was smart. I do that too. Make sure to share all your blog photos to Pinterest. It’s like the old adage: if you build it, they will come. It does take time, though.

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  13. PHS

    You can get a custom link for Google+. For instance, my link is: Here’s the instructions:


  14. Google+ is useful to have to keep tabs on people outside of social media, but I don’t actively use for anything but a kind of souped up ‘splash page’. This may have to change later this year, depending on finances as I’m planning to get more ‘professional’ and so need to up my interactiveness… ><
    Pinterest – I've heard good things about it but it does sound high maintenance (or high traffic maybe?) which kind of puts me off a bit. I do have an account but haven't done much with it, but this also is in flux.
    Have followed you on both anyway. πŸ˜‰

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  15. I use G+ in marketing for my boss, and just use Pinterest at home just for fun. I never thought about either in book writing/selling platforms, but I can see where they’d be beneficial. Great job! I’ve followed you and am looking forward to seeing how you like them, πŸ™‚

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  17. That repair guy would’ve finished quicker if you’d let Otto hand him the tools!

    My wife has a preference for Instagram over Pinterest. I’ll have to ask her why.

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  18. Sounds like a pretty productive weekend to me, Craig 😊 I just went and followed you on Pinterest – like you I’m pretty new there, just figuring it out. I signed up for an online course which I hope will help. All this social media takes up so much time though!

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    • It takes up a mountain of time. After I get both sites functional I’ll have to back down and take care of some other things. Maybe by then I’ll have some decent ideas on how to make them work for me. A class sounds like a good idea.

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      • Do you ever worry you’ll get to the point where you’re spread too thin with it? Like you can’t manage all the social media and writing and blogging and promotion? I already feel like there’s not enough time to do everything I do effectively.

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      • Yes, I feel like that now. I don’t see the point of publishing if people can’t find me though. I will tone down those that can go a week or two without me after I figure out what I’m doing. Goodreads is like that. I probably check in monthly now there.

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      • Yes, that’s the thing, isn’t it? I want people to read my stories too, so I have to spread the word. And I agree about Goodreads – I also don’t like how people can rate books without actually proving they’ve read them. Going back to the social media thing, I guess it’s all about finding the balance, like you say 😊

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  19. As you know, Craig, I blog! My blog is connected to various places, like Goodreads, Amazon (although I need to update the rtf feed) and Twitter. Twitter then repeats onto Facebook. So I tweet two or three times a week and blog twice a week, and that all appears on Facebook.

    I do Pinterest as well, both displaying my book covers and collecting images for story inspiration. Pinterest is also one of my late-night unwinding tools. Like with Facebook, I can browse and see what people are up to. However, unlike Facebook there is no trolling as yet.

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    • I set up my blog to push out to other media. I avoid them doing the same thing. I’ve seen a few that created an infinite loop by feeding back and forth. So far, Pinterest is a ton of fun, Google plus not so much. I haven’t seen any action from either one, but I haven’t been at it long enough either.

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  20. Added you on all three boards! Not sure on the Super Man thing. Maybe if you could give it a twist? Supermania? Super player? Ergh, terrible at this! Oh, about RRBC. Do you have to be published to join? Like do I have to wait to have a book out, or can I join beforehand? I’m seriously considering doing so.

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