Tension, get some

Hey gang, I’m posting over at Story Empire today. The topic is adding tension to our stories. Drop in and join the discussion.

Story Empire

Craig here again. I wrote a pretty popular post about suspense a month or so ago. It seems to me that you guys like craft posts, so I’m piggybacking that success with a post about tension.

People, just like you and I, live pretty normal lives. Sure, we deal with tension, and in my case hypertension, but it’s all pretty mundane. We read to escape the normal world. I write across science fiction, fantasy, and paranormal genres, but I’m not talking that kind of escapism. (Not today, at least.) When we read, we want to get a bigger picture, something where the stakes matter.

Many authors fall in love with their fictional characters. Because of this, nothing ever happens to stress them out. This is not the kind of escape people want to read about. They want to know that someone faced bigger odds than they ever have and succeeded…

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4 responses to “Tension, get some

  1. Gotta say – NAILED IT! Your examples were spot on. And your creepy, headless Barbie photo drilled the point home. 🙂 As a kid, I never much liked playing Barbie… Only making everyday landscape stuff into things she could use or become trapped or rescued with. (In my world, Barbie never had any store-bought amenities, and her story line almost always involved her being held hostage by the slightly larger though flatfooted Cher doll, stranded on an island, or trapped in a land of giants somewhere.) I’d have loved to have had you and your armless GI Joe come over for a visit to make her life more exciting. 🙂

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