It's probably common knowledge out there, but this experience was a first for me. My son and daughter-in-law gave us a gift card to The Melting Pot in downtown Boise. We decided to use it in the middle of a gigantic blizzard, but hey!, nobody else was downtown.

The Melting Pot is a fondue restaurant. So basically, you kind of have to order the same thing. It's a four course meal, and goes: cheese, salad, entree, dessert. The only thing wide open was the salad option. I had Caesar, my wife had one of the house specials.

The waitress uses a little pot to melt some cheeses together and you use long, dainty, forks to dip stuff in the hot cheese. It looks like this:

She comes back around to clean this up, and brings you the salad so you won't get bored. During this phase, there was plenty of time to drift off to Facebook, etc.

The main course consists of a bunch of raw stuff we had to cook ourselves. We had to order the same thing, and share a pot of broth to cook it in, with our dainty forks. I've cooked with mojo spices, so we went that route. The girl left us a bunch of dipping spices for our chicken, shrimp, lobster, beef, and this ravioli thing. The mushroom ravioli thing was really good.

Dessert was handled the same way, but it involved melted chocolate with fruit and brownies to dip. We ordered the Turtles style, so there was caramel and pecans in it.

It was all really good, but it takes too damned long. It's also kind of fussy for me. You don't get a lot of food, but it's enough because of the time involved. It's not the same as wolfing down pizza like ravenous wolves.

At least they had Black Butte Porter. This is a workmanlike porter that's available pretty much everywhere. To be honest, I didn't know if I could just enjoy it, or was supposed to stick my pinkie out.

PS: Beards do not fare well with fondue, and the dessert is sticky. I know we'll be going back, because Old What's Her Face loved it. Hope you all had a great evening.



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54 responses to “Dipsticks

  1. Melting Pot . . . Been many years since I heard that name. Used to go there when we lived in Florida, but we gorged on desserts. Each of us picked one and then shared. How do the entrees work? Are they meat and veggie?

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  2. I enjoy fondue but I don’t have a full beard. Yet.

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  3. I’m like you. At this point in my life I want someone else to cook dinner out, right? Isn’t that the point in going out for dinner? I recall enjoying fondue at Underground Atlanta when I was a teenager with friends. I had not cooked 36,000 meals at that time in my life.

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  4. I live in Japan and the whole cook your own food restaurant concept is huge here. They have shabu shabu, yakiniku, onomiaki, and other things. My wife loves it, but I’m 50/50 on it. I always feel like I undercook my food and will die of salmonella. I do enjoy and appreciate the group social aspect. The main intention of restaurants like that.

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  5. Sounds like fun. We ate in The Library in Norwich fir by birthday last Friday. I have to say the food was all talk and no knickers as they say with portions that are far too big. I would still go back though because of the venue: it’s basically the old library with all the old books on a mezzanine upstairs surrounding the restaurant floor. All the old lettering on the glass doors and the wainscoting. Lovely place πŸ™‚

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  6. I haven’t been to one in at least 15 years. Somehow the idea of paying a premium to cook my own food has lost its attraction.

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  7. You have highlighted the reasons we don’t do fondue. It was a popular thing in the 70’s and I never got into it myself. When I saw the headline I thought you were going to talk about heated dipsticks for cars. (I’m focused on the cold) Like the post anyway and glad the Porter was available.

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  8. carmens007

    Wow! That’s something interesting as we don’t have anything similar around here. Yet. On the whole, I don’t think I’d enjoy doing it. In my mind, going to a restaurant/pub whatever, means I expect to be waited on and eat something tasty and different from what I cook at home. I cook enough at home.
    But as an experience perhaps I’d just give it a try. Once!

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  9. When I was young(er) and much fit(ter) we used to going skiiing in French, Italian and Austrian Alps. Fondue was a popular dining option in ski resorts, but, like you say, takes a long time, even if you confine it to single course which is more the norm in Europe. Being unreconstructed carnivores we liked the steak fondue best as you got more dips with that, although my chocolate addiction meant I enjoyed sweet fondue as well.
    Happy days – I can see why your lady liked it. If she gets the bug it’s a bit like an indoor barbecue option for parties – just chop stuff up and let someone else do the cooking! πŸ˜‰

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  10. New experience are good, yes? o_O

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  11. Sounds interesting, yet fun. I’ve never been to a fondue place. Actually, I don’t even think we have them around here.

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  12. I have a gift card for one in my area. I love fondue, but my husband isn’t a fan, which means I might end up taking a girlfriend.

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  13. Hah. I know it’s not very girly or trendy to say so, but I’m not a fan, either. Takes too long INDEED. Messy enough all on my own, don’t need to add more drippy things. Also, the value isn’t there for me. But people do love it, and go on about it, so we’re probably the minority on this one.

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  14. I can’t speak to the one where you live, but there was one near where I lived in Ohio, and we didn’t have the delay that you had. And we went A LOT. Hubby liked it, kids loved it, and I really enjoyed it, too. You’re right; you have to agree on a lot of things w/rt the dip, but they gave us such a variety of things to dunk in the different fondues, everyone was more than satisfied. It got expensive bringing the kids, but it’s great for date night. I wish we had one near us now, but there aren’t many types of restaurants here. A lot of Mexican, a lot of barbecue. They closed the one Italian restaurant we liked. It’s now a Mexican place, too. There is a good seafood place…

    Sorry. I digress. Maybe you’ll like it more the next time. πŸ™‚

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  15. LOL! I’m glad to read your review — because it sounds like exactly what I imagined it would — which for me is a PASS. I’ll see ya next door at the pizza place. πŸ™‚

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  16. Last bit made chuckle! Very well written.

    Im actually holding a giveaway on my blog for a beard kit and a few other goodies. Would love to invite you to participate:)


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