Submit Your 2016 Nominations

I won a Planetary Award last year, and think this is a wonderful project. If you’re a book blogger, pod-caster, or booktuber, get your nominations in.

Planetary Awards

Happy New Year — it’s time to nominate your favorite science fiction and fantasy writing for the 2016 Planetary Awards.

We’re doing only two categories this year:

  1. Shorter story (under 40,000 words/160 paperback pages)
  2. Longer story (novels)

If you’re a book blogger, book podcaster, or booktuber, the nomination process is easy:

  1. Post your nominations on your site
  2. Leave a comment on this post, with a link to your nominations

The nomination deadline is February 14th, 11:59PM US Pacific time.

Good luck to all of 2016’s authors.  Don’t forget to spread the word to other book reviewers!

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