Unexpectedly Productive Today

My wife and I were supposed to spend the day together. She volunteered to watch the grandkids so their parents could go skiing. They took the kids over the weekend, but I understand that sometimes mom & dad need to do things without the kids too. To my surprise, the babysitting took place at their house, not mine.

Well, now. (Visualize me rubbing my hands together.) I headed for the writing cabin. Lisa* met me in the lobby along with Yak Guy and a smelly Hermit. I waved my hand under my nose.

“I understand,” Lisa said. “I turned off my sensors. You said we were writing him in the winter and it wouldn't matter.”

“Guess I never counted on being indoors during the winter. Are we done with the giant lion?”

“He's out on the patio, just in case.”

I headed out back and went over my last chapter.

“I'm not too happy about having to gorge all that food down, but I'm grateful for the work,” the lion said.

“I needed you to look totally full. I appreciate your dedication.”

“I'm available for rewrites, or even scenery shots if you want.”

“I'll have Lisa stay in touch.”

“I gave her my card, would you like one too?”

I really didn't, but it seemed important to him, so I accepted it.

“Maybe next book you'll need a lion with some dialog. I can do accents too.”

“Good to know. I have to get back to the Hermit now.”

The lion left, and I got to work on the Hermit section. Yak Guy and the Hermit got along fine, but the Hermit's lessons didn't come across well. I decided to go with it. It's almost like when the card is dealt upside down. I decided it was more realistic to a reading that way. Not everyone is going to get through to a student. Yak Guy learned more from some than others, and it just seems more natural to me that way.

When we sewed it up for the day I'd written over 4000 new words. I googled a few things, and discussed them with Lisa. She gets the information as fast or faster than I do.

“I know you've been struggling with this next section,” she said. “What are you going to do?”

“I could drag this out forever. It might involve a secret trip to visit the Research Sirens again, and I know I'm not supposed to do that. I think it's time to make an executive decision.”


“Ring up the Hanged Man, and let's get him over here. I'm skipping around for the sake of the story. I really don't feel the need for Justice, and I want the Wheel of Fortune later on.”

“I can have him here tomorrow. Are you okay? I picked up some of that salted caramel cocoa you wanted to try.”

“I'm good with it. I got what I needed to out of the challenge, but I want to deliver a good story too.”

“But you couldn't skip the smelly Hermit guy?”

“I guess that's just how it worked out. Now about that cocoa?”

“I'll get it ready, and fumigate the lobby while the kettle is heating up.”

*Lisa is my personal assistant, and the spokesmodel for Entertaining Stories. She's also a robot and has her own stories.


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33 responses to “Unexpectedly Productive Today

  1. Like what you said about not every lesson sticking. Makes it a lot more realistic in a way. Congrats of the words. Too bad you can’t use Justice though. No reverse there?

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  2. I’d like to have some salted caramel hot chocolate. Love how you interact with your characters!!

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  3. Nobody needs a smelly hermit in their writing cabin for very long. Glad you had some “me” time today and were able to put it to good use. Your writing cabin stories are always fun. I’ve read enough of them to have the place pictured in my mind…and what a cool place it is. 🙂

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  4. Amazing progress for this time of the year, Craig. I tried to put my writing hat back on this morning, but for some reason, it kept slipping off!

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  5. 4K words – very nice!

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  6. Here’s hoping the fumigation took. I wouldn’t want to be stuck inside with that. I love the premise of working with tarot cards. A writer friend of mine actually does readings, but I don’t think she ever wrote a novel using them. Can’t wait to see how it all plays out.

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  7. Ali Isaac

    Sounds like you were busy! 4000 words is pretty awesome! Well done. Although I don’t envy you the smelly hermit, but if that’s what it takes to inspire you, then go for it! Maybe I need to take a leaf out of your book and borrow him for a while… feeling sad for the lion though, sounds like he may have issues of self esteem, or at least a litter of cubs to feed…

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  8. 4K is an awesome day! And the writing cabin is always fun. We never know who you’ll have visiting there.
    Yak guy is meeting all kinds of interesting characters. His story is going to make unique and interesting reading.

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  9. Super stuff, Craig. Enjoyed it.

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  10. I do enjoy reading about your visits to your writing cabin – it sounds like a wonderful place 🙂

    Hope you had a nice Christmas!

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  11. Mmm, cocoa. You know, my muses never even pour me a cup of coffee?

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  12. 4K words is excellent progress. I love these writing cabin posts. My muse seems to be acting out a dominatrix fantasy lately, and that whip hurts lemme tell ya. 😉

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