The Writer’s Toolbox

Come visit with me over at Story Empire today. I’m discussing the writer’s toolbox. What school of thought do you subscribe to?

Story Empire

Craig here again, I know I’m a little bit out of order, but I didn’t want us to be dark this week.

Today I want to talk about pushing ourselves as writers. My regulars know that I include a personal challenge with everything I write. These can be simple, or complex, but I believe in making myself try new things.

That’s not a toolbox

This little toolbox doesn’t have much to offer. I want to defend people who get by like this, because it may hold the sonic screwdriver. We all know the sonic screwdriver can do anything.

Many authors never go beyond the familiar, and they can be quite successful at it. I’m talking about third person, past tense writing here. Maybe they have one story structure and follow it religiously. The Hero’s Journey comes to mind.

That’s a toolbox

I believe in doing things a little bit differenty…

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