For me, I don't think a writer should measure progress by word count alone. Word count matters, but if you're a self publisher like I am, there are other chores that must be dealt with.

I managed about 2000 words on my novel today. I kind of glazed over the Strength card from the tarot deck. I like the symbolism, but don't feel like the lesson here is central to my story. It's there if you look hard, but beyond the yak talking about it, I left it short. Next round will bring in the Hermit.

I worked through my critiques and made a few changes based upon their advice.

I also finally finished the book I was reading. It was a great story, I just took too long reading it. I left the guy a nice review too. Not for nothing, but it takes time to leave a review. I won't snub someone, because I need reviews too. I understand their importance.

I have another book I'm reading, but they're short stories and break into easier reading segments. I want to be finished with it by January though, because I promised a friend a beta read.

I wrote two of four guest posts I promised a different friend. They don't take a lot of time, but I need an idea. I need two in fact before I can write the last posts. I'm supposed to deliver them by the end of the month, and while that sounds like a long time in blogland, I need the ideas behind them.

I did a bit of development on a future Lisa Burton Radio post too. I have a couple of weeks to get it all sorted out, but I'd like to get the first round finished by the weekend.

Short fiction got cheated this weekend. I usually rely upon short form to fill in the gaps, but my family did that for me. We saw the new Star Wars movie too. I enjoyed it, but it was kind of mediocre to my mind.

I'm not off again until Saturday. We'll have grandkids over and it will stay busy for a few days. I'm off until January 3rd though, so I have to make it pay. Before then I can work on Lisa's radio show, and might get to those guest blog posts.

How was your weekend? Did anyone else feel the same way about Star Wars? Tell me about your promotional projects. Tell me about your own word metrics.


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53 responses to “Accomplishments

  1. Won’t be seeing Star Wars until next week. The wife has off the same time as the youngling. A lot of present days and family. He’s getting some big Lego projects that will keep us occupied. Good to hear you figured out something for Strength. Sounds like a fun challenge you’ve given yourself.

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  2. You may recall I didn’t see the film, but my family did. All I can say is that they didn’t come home all excited and chatty like they did last time. When I asked if it was good, they said yeah.

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  3. I completely disobedient when it comes to word counts. I like to see my targets being met when I write, but I write in a manic fury until I’m finished. Then go months without much of a word. Pro’ly that bipolar thing. I have an interview (actually about ten) complete with questions, if you have some free blog space in January. I was prepping an email for you , but heck, four glasses of wine and I’ll just spill it right here. You don’t have to say yes or no. I’m sure I’ll get those emails off tomorrow. Just be warned. Other than getting my audio book accomplished and a few guest posts here and there. My promos have been on hold. ENT denied me. I didn’t have enough reviews (verified purchase reviews) when I submitted. I’m sort of at a stand still till January.

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  4. I envy your productivity so much, as it puts mine to shame. Mind you, I am organising all the festivities for the Christmas break, and not feeling well either. The writing brain keeps on working though, so leaving cryptic notes everywhere!

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  5. I am currently working on the My GRL revisions from the editor. I still manage a 1000 words a day, but like you don’t feel the individual numbers are meaningful. At the end of the day, it is the whole work that is important. The daily goal is a matter of discipline and that’s about it.

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  6. We had a nice weekend. Busy, but nice. Got a lot of shopping done and celebrated our anniversary. Haven’t seen the Star Wars movie, but we did see Don’t Breathe. That was good, too.

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  7. Both my sons saw Star Wars and loved it – said the ending was fantastic – but told them no spoilers for me, I still plan to see it.

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  8. I’m afraid I’ve gone into holiday hibernation mode. I’ve not got any plans aside from a semi-duty visit to Mum’s on Xmas Eve, then I’m going to shut the doors and stuff myself (and Toby the pooch) stupid with nice seasonal goodies and pig out on soppy holiday movies until Friday 30th when my extended family descend on my little spot of heaven for pre-New Year festivities (cunningly executed so I don’t have to drive anywhere and can hit the vino with hostessly exuberance…. 😛
    Writing? Well I’ll be just about visible on the blogs I expect but only in a sociable way and not doing much really – all I seem capable of online is playing with my interactive Advent calendar which comes with a neat game of smash the tree baubles and Solitaire, which I haven’t played for years!

    No theatre movies for me this year – it’s no fun going on your own – I guess I’ll get caught with shenenigans in a galaxy far, far away on DVD or Sky. Whenever – I’m immune to spoilers! 😛

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    • I’m on vacation from the 24th through the 2nd, and it’s going to be awesome. I hope to do a bunch of writing, but there will be some seasonal distractions at my house too. Your New Years plan sounds cunning. When the night ends at least you’re already home.


  9. My resolution for 2016 was to completely finish Trials of the Eighth Order. I just did that, yesterday, in a marathon final-polish and printing of the manuscript. Four hundred forty-four pages, whew!

    I also decided mid-year to self-publish my short story collection for middle grades. I’m 90% done with that. E-books are available but still need the proper template from the cover artists so I can print trade paper.

    I even beat my Goodreads challenge of reading 25 books in the year. All in all, I’m feeling pretty good about goals.

    At present, it appears all my resolutions for 2017 are likely to do with publicity.

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  10. I was so disappointed in the last Star Wars movie that I’m not planning to see this latest one. I’ll change my mind if a friend or family member tells me it’s spectacular, but that hasn’t happened yet.

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  11. You keep yourself busy and my impression is that you’re very organized as well. I can be such a scatter-brain at times. You have great goals. I hope you accomplish them all with plenty of time to enjoy the holidays with your family. 😀 xx

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  12. You’ve accomplished so much, Craig! I don’t worry about word count, either – if the words are there, they’ll come. Setting myself a target is about the surest way to shut down, at least for me, anyway.

    And I’m going to see the new Star Wars on Boxing Day – I’ve seen all the others in the cinema, so I won’t be missing this one!

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  13. I haven’t seen the new Stars Wars film yet, but even the previews don’t have me all that excited. I want to see it, but I just don’t have the same feeling about it that I’ve had with the others. I envy you that nice long stretch off after Christmas. You are definitely keeping yourself busy!

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  14. First things first: I’ve not seen the latest SW film but I will. I enjoyed the last one a hell of a lot more than ep1-3, and yes, Empire is best. I’m not even sure that’s opinion anymore.
    I do not currently have a word count as I’m busy getting ready to self-pub my first collection. I’m finding juggling my job, writing, family, marketing etc a real challenge atm. Now Christmas. I’m hoping Santa gets me a Kindle so at least the reading will get done!

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