The Yak Guy – Guest Post…

I’m somewhere deep in the jungle of the Storyreading Ape today. Come on over and say hello.

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

Thanks to The Story Reading Ape for inviting me back for an encore. I love a good challenge, and writing a December post, while it’s still August, is a good challenge. The question becomes one of what to write about.

I’m sure there will be posts about Christmas, and books that have that theme. There might be a post about Saturnalia, or Beltain. How am I going to work the kind of stories I write into this theme.

Christmas plays is a pivotal event for one of my characters in The Playground but that won’t carry a whole post. You might want to check it out if you like stories about malignant children’s toys.

I want to write about December as it plays out on my writing calendar. My biggest promotional time is always September and October. It makes sense, since I have several paranormal titles, to hit it hard…

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