Ahh, Sunday

Otto insisted I get up earlier than I wanted, so I walked him and shut the bedroom door. My wife managed another hour without him insisting she join us.

I called my parents, then my wife and I had a nice breakfast. We bought some fancy hand crafted bacon at Whole Foods yesterday, and you know… why wait?

While she made a run to Dutch Brothers (Think Starbucks) to feed her addiction. I took advantage and read a few chapters of a book. Then I fell for a Facebook ad.

It demonstrated an interactive book of Edgar Allen Poe tales. It's an Apple product, but isn't in iBooks. You have to buy it out of the app store. I downloaded the bundle called iPoe. It even came with a bunch of cool wallpapers that look similar to this one.

I always use Lisa Burton wallpapers, but it doesn't keep me from enjoying other art. They're mysterious and cool.

When you read a story, thematic music plays, sometimes you have to drag an image out of the way of the prose. There is even a painting in candlelight that you can see better by clicking on it. I thought it was so cool I went back and downloaded iLovecraft.

Okay, so maybe it's a little bit gimmicky, but I think it's cool. It would be fun to do this with one of my books, but by the time I hired a composer, an artist, and a programmer I'd have to charge $25 per book. Too bad, because The Playground would turn out great. The Experimental Notebooks would too. It's neat to see what is possible with the ebook concept though.

Rather than include a link, if you're interested just go to the app store and search for iPoe or iLovecraft.

I don't know when I'll actually get time to spend with them. I have books to write and some to read for other purposes. At least short stories are easy to get through in chunks.

The Christmas tree is up and decorated, and awaiting some presents. Otto is curious, but not being crazy over it.

The voting ended for the Rave Awards, so now I wait. I know a bunch of you voted for me in at least one category, and that means a lot to me. Win or lose, I'm glad to have supporters like you. They'll let me know at the end of the month, and I promise to post about it.

No writing today, but I'm off Wednesday. I did do some reading, so that's productive. My critiques are all written and in the truck for our meeting tomorrow night. I even have some goodies for my staff at work.

Tonight it's back to the macabre for me. If not Poe and Lovecraft, it will be the Walking Dead and the Evil Dead.

Back to the paycheck job tomorrow.



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26 responses to “Ahh, Sunday

  1. I know you’ve pro’ly given up on me, but don’t. I get little snippets read from time to time. I swear, I’m just overwhelmed with busy stuff. Tis the Season and all that jazz.

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  2. Looking forward to the Evil Dead finale. Very curious about those iBooks . . . and my computer is doing something strange. Well there goes my night.

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  3. I LOVE that wallpaper! It jumped out at me right away. I’m going to have to check out iPoe and see what it’s all about.

    My Sunday show (Once Upon a Time…one of only 2 I make sure I watch) is on winter break until March so it’s early reading for me tonight. It’s a good match as we actually had light snow today.

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  4. I’ve had some computer problems today too, Charles. Sigh. Who can figure technology? Reading is always good, Craig. I read in spurts. I love when I have more time to devote to it but most of the time it’s a half-hour here, ten minutes there.

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  5. I voted for you. Several times. 😉 I cannot wait on expensive bacon, either…..

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  6. Good luck on the vote. I wish I had the time for iPoe, but I’m working on getting the My GRL revision up and have started a new book. No real time for the fun stuff. (Which iPoe looks to be)

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  7. I will be checking out the Poe thing, as I have ben a fan of his for years…

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  8. That’s some cool wallpaper – and good luck on the vote, Craig!

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  9. Those books sound great! So cool. Like you, I’d love to try that as well but budget constraints mean it won’t be happening any time soon 😀

    And good luck with the vote! xx

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