Trying to get things done

Today was a reasonable day to get things done, I just didn't get as much accomplished as I'd like. I always start off with social media, and I may have lingered there a little too long.

I wound up with about 2000 new words on The Yak Guy Project. I know it isn't all that much, and if I would just force myself I would get more accomplished. Still, I moved it past the 50,000 word mark. This part is kind of fun, because Yak Guy, who goes by Ted is showing some real growth. He's focused on things beyond himself, and taking some genuine risks in the process. Let's face it, at the 50K mark he should have grown a bit by now.

I can tell that I've moved out of the middle muck that I mention on occasion. Getting between the index cards is going to be a lot easier from this point on. As far as the Fool's Journey, I'm about to have him face the strength card. I'm not going to hit it very hard, but he's going to face an obstacle that's always been there in the background. He'll do some things that reflect some of the imagery in the card. I think this one should be more of a demonstration than deep reflection for Ted.

After that, I'm going to have to make some deviations. The whole tarot thing is fun, but for the sake of story, I need to shuffle the deck a little. I need to move the Hanged Man forward, and possibly the Wheel of Fortune. Then there is Justice. I have a character who fits the imagery perfectly, but I don't know if her lesson is required for the sake of the story. Looks like I need to do a bit of research before charging past the Strength card. If I include Justice at all, it needs to weave into the story the right way.

What do you think? Am I deviating from my personal challenge, or making it work? In other words, am I cheating?

I also finished one of my baseball short stories. It ended sooner than what I had planned, but there is a sportscast next that explains some of what happened. I'm going to draw some connections to how spin gets put on a story by the media, lawyers, social media, etc. The sportscast will also have some reflections about human nature as far as competitiveness goes.

In other news, my mother bought Otto a reindeer costume when she was here. It's kind of absurd, and every dog I've ever owned would have chewed this thing to ribbons in short order. Otto likes the damned thing, and whines to have us put it on him. He's a special soul, and nothing like any dog I've ever owned. I've had a lot of bully breeds, but never a 100% pure bulldog before. Anyway, I thought you might enjoy a picture of reindeer Otto.

The hood doesn't stay up very long, but it really makes him happy.

Sounds like we are having date night tonight, because Old What's her Face has some commitments tomorrow. We have a ton of errands to run during the day too. Hmm, could be some writing opportunity in there tomorrow night. Sometime this weekend, I have to work up critique submissions for my group. We meet on Tuesday night after work. Maybe I should do that tomorrow night.

This might be the last chance to remind you all to vote. This blog, Entertaining Stories, was nominated as blog of the year by the Rave Reviews Book Club. My novel, The Playground, was nominated as book of the year. Voting is open to the general public, and I'm up against some tough competition in both categories. Here is the link if you're so inclined. Vote Here!



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49 responses to “Trying to get things done

  1. Otto is the coolest. We had to put sweaters on our dogs today. The wind was blowing and we had a windchill in the 30’s. They are like Mustangs when they first have them on. They buck and jump and look like they have a burr under their saddle. It only lasts a minute but is laugh out loud funny. I wish you well on the book. As far as the blog is concerned, not so much although I haven’t done a bit of campaigning. Hope you have a nice weekend.

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  2. Voted and love the outfit. Otto reminds me of my son and his Superman costume. What was the exact challenge with Yak Guy? I don’t see anything wrong with going out of order or combining.

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  3. Writers never cheat, we reevaluate and rewrite. 😀

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  4. Oh my word, Otto in his reindeer ensemble! Too cute! I love that he loves it. We’ve got a friend who’s small terrier/chihuahua mix (I’m guessin here) loves to wear sweaters in the winter. For some, it’s nice and warm, and for others, there’s comfort in the weight. Whatever the reason, when the dogs like it, they sure are adorable in it!

    As far as shuffling cards goes, I don’t care if you’re cheating, only the art matters. When you write it, you’ll either like it or reshuffle until you do. The end result is what matters 🙂

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    • He likes it, whatever the reason. He’s pretty cute about it too. I like your suggestion, the story is the important part. I may still come up with something. I already have a blind character, so she’s a good fit for Justice. It has to work for the story though.

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  5. I just love your Otto posts. Keep them coming! Happy holidays to you all!

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  6. PS. Otto is adorable as a reindeer. Tink has a Christmas elf sweater he tolerates well because he knows it means “outside” – but I’ve never seen him eager to wear it. But then he’s a long-haired dog, so maybe that makes a difference.

    Our apt. is freezing for most of the winter, so he does love his blanket and double pillow beds.
    xx, mgh

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  7. oops – forgot to tell you I voted for you in BOTH categories. Good luck!
    Other readers: ONE more day before voting closes.
    xx, mgh

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  8. Otto is so cute. he pro’ly felt cuddled in it, nice and warm. Cast my votes. Thanks.

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  9. What an adorable character Otto is… and as for your plans for the tarot story, there is such a thing as ‘artistic license’ and many authors take remarkable liberties with it, but if it reads well, I don’t see the harm in rearranging things a bit.

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    • I understand artistic license, but I like to meet my challenges too. I grow as a writer that way. I may be able to work it out, but won’t do it at the expense of the story. Otto says, “Hi,” and thanks for sharing this post.

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  10. OMG – Otto is soooooooooo precious! You’re quite right = most dogs would at least wriggle like mad to get the onesie off if not physically tear it to ribbons! What a (not so) little sweetie he is!.
    Have got my votes in long ago – I think it’s closing off any time soon so go to it folks! 😀

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  11. OMG, he whines till you put his reindeer outfit on? How adorable!!! He’s just the cutest, sweetest little angel. You’re lucky we don’t live closer, or I might be tempted to dognap him. lol

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  12. I’d say that reindeer hat is something to be proud of right there!

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  13. Tarot cards? Never thought of writing a story with their help. It might be interesting though. Good luck with the challenges!!

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  14. Otto looks like he could pull Santa’s sled. What a cut little dogdeer! 🙂

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