WordPress Gremlins at work again

It looks like WordPress is hard at work making unnecessary improvements again. I noticed this happening this afternoon.

First the icon on my site changed to the stupid bell thing. It lights up whenever something happens, but no longer lets me know if it’s a comment, like, ping, or follow. It isn’t terribly hard to click and find out, it just seems like a de-improvment over what they had. The bell has been standard on Reader for a long time, but what used to be on my site was superior.

Second, my handy stats link is gone from the toolbar. I now have to back into it through the “My Sites” link. Not terribly hard to use, just more clicks to get the data I want.

I noticed that I cannot switch between Entertaining Stories and Story Empire easily any longer either. I used to have an option in the My Sites area. One click and I’m there. Now I have to open the link, tell it to switch sites, and then it opens a godawful half-page thing instead of going where I want. It looks like the best option now is to include a link in my bookmarks and avoid the whole “improvement.”

While there, I nearly freaked out. The dashboard seems to be missing entirely. This is the only editor I use for anything. I upload photos, occasionally write posts there, and make all my changes there. Don’t worry, it’s still around, but it’s been moved to the bottom of that abomination they are trying to force upon us. I’m sure it’s short lived, because it’s better than what they are trying to shove down my throat.

When it comes to actual blogging I still use a third party app. It isn’t being updated any longer, but still works better than WordPress does.

I don’t know why they can’t leave well enough alone. The original versions I started with were the best and most simple to use. Every thing they improve makes WordPress harder to use. How hard would it be to give me a toolbar with simple links? Change sites, stats, new action on a post, even a log in from my page would be really handy.


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39 responses to “WordPress Gremlins at work again

  1. I still use the legacy editor for posts and pages. I hate the updated “improved” formats they’ve created. I haven’t experienced the changes you have (yet). I’m just hoping they don’t force me into their new platforms. The old way works better for me.

    Hope you adjust quickly to the changes they’ve forced on you.

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    • I may have to visit the app store again. The only thing my app doesn’t do better is upload photos, but it’s still easier to insert them into a post using the app. I much prefer the legacy editor. They forced me to use the new one for wallpaper and banner updates though.


  2. N. N. Light

    I noticed the changes a few days ago. I think they changed the name “Dashboard” to “WP Admin”. I’m sure, they’re catering to mobile users. I don’t use half the stuff anymore and one day last week my icon for creating a new post disappeared entirely. Thank goodness it came back the next day. All these tweaks and changes are good for us, like kale. πŸ˜‰

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    • I don’t think kale raises my blood pressure though. I’ll give them some credit though, the last time a complained they commented on my blog and even changed some things back. They were trying to force everyone to use the Reader and not visit the page I work so hard on.

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  3. I noticed a few of these around the time the snow came back. Think the company motto is: ‘If it ain’t broke, break it’.

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  4. I am still back at legacy. I hope all this goes away.

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  5. I’ve only seen the WP Admin. button but I’m sure I’ll notice more as time goes along. I post my blogs for the week on Sun. so unless I’m checking Site Stats, I don’t see a whole lot of tinkering. Hopefully. the kinks work out of this for you soon!!

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  6. Don’t scare me β€” so far is all well (untouched) in my WordPress world. Fingers crossed!

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  7. Oh no. See, now, I don’t have these changes at present, so I appreciate the warning that they’re coming. :/ Maybe I’ll be lucky and forgotten.
    I HATE the mobile app. I just hate it so much, like how other people hate Mondays or traffic or snow. I don’t want my PC WP to act like mobile WP at all.

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  8. Once Written

    I simple type /admin after my site url and this takes me to the original editing format. I hate the newer format and never use it.

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  9. Can’t understand for the life of me why the “happiness” engineers still have a job.

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  10. Not sure if the US interface is the same as the auL one but right up until yesterday I accessed the old, old interface by clicking on a link to my blog in my bookmarks, hovering over the W icon (don’t click), and moving the list and clicking on WP Admin. It’s the only way I keep my sanity. Hopefully they haven’t removed this path! Good luck πŸ™‚

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  11. Change is everywhere and I don’t like it. Haven’t experienced what you’ve mentioned. Yet. o_O

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  12. Mine changed to WP Admin months ago – took me a few days to figure out what happened.

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  13. I always use the WP admin link for Story Empire so I don’t get that nasty half page blue editor thing. I’m just thankful WP hasn’t taken the old black-and-white editor away as they’ve been threatening too do for a long time now. Sometimes WP reminds me of Windows….you get happy using something and then they come along and change it to “improve” it but actually end up making it worse.

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  14. I’m still using the old WP Admin link to create posts, and I’m terrified they’re going to take it away. I can’t stand the updated versions, the ‘boop boop boop’ where it takes forever to load. For some reason recently my media library doesn’t fully load, so I’m having to reload images I know I already have. And my icon has changed to a bell, too.

    Seems like they’re all trying to justify their jobs by tinkering around. If they’re Happiness Engineers why don’t they ask us, the end users, what we’d be happy with? πŸ™‚

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  15. Ugh! Don’t even get me started. I’ve been going back and forth with the “Happiness Engineers” for days now. I lost my stats too, and I loved that feature. I’m seriously considering disabling Jetpack if this continues. It’s more trouble than it’s worth.

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