Shameless Begging

I am surprised to find myself as a nominee at the Rave Awards, held by the Rave Reviews Book Club. This is the club where authors share the burden of promotion by helping each other. I'm going to include a voting link, and while you're there take a minute to surf around. They have helped me tremendously, and they can help you too. So the point is that I'm shamelessly asking for your votes.

First up, and possibly my best opportunity is this very blog. Entertaining Stories was nominated as Best Blog Site. I put most of my effort into this site, and it looks like the hard work is starting to get noticed. I'm up against some tough competition, including a couple of regulars here.

Secondly, and possibly the biggest surprise to me, The Playground was nominated as Book of the Year. Someone out there enjoyed it. What the heck, might as well include a purchase link too. It is also up against some tough competition. I've read some of these books and they're good.

Here is the voting link. While you're there, please take the time to look around. This is an active club and the mutual effort that everyone puts in helps all of us. Everyone is allowed to vote, including non-members, readers, fans, your dog, etc. I'll probably need all of those to win one of these categories.

I'd appreciate any sharing you might like to do with the social media buttons too.

Thanks for considering me, supporting me, and for checking out the Rave Reviews Book Club.


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44 responses to “Shameless Begging

  1. Shared. Best of luck, buddy 🙂

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  2. Sharing on social media! Great blog and deserving of this nomination!

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  3. Congratulations! Voted both your entries and shared all.

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  4. I’m so happy about these. I nominated your blog and was thrilled to see it made the voting lists. And the Playground rocked. Of course I voted. Congrats on the honors!

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  5. Best of luck Craig – your book and blog are worthy nominees! 😀

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  6. Voted with pleasure! Deserved nominations.

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  7. Yeah, good luck. I already voted so your begging wasn’t necessary on my account. Magic nominations huh?

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  8. Done and done. Good luck!

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  9. Done and done! … good luck! 😀

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  10. I voted, and hope you do well, Craig!


  11. Voted and reblogged…best of luck

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