Out my office window again

It gets hard to find stuff to post about during the work week, without discussing work itself. It isn't going to be a problem tonight.

My office is right along what's called Hunter Creek. It flows into the Boise River just beyond my office. For those who don't know, the river is a fabulous part of Boise. There are paths on either side called The Greenbelt, and you can walk, cycle, and jog for miles along a beautiful wooded riverbank.

The Greenbelt makes a pretty good corridor for wildlife, and I've seen all kinds of stuff there. Some of you may remember a large mule deer buck I posted months ago.

The creek was covered with wood ducks today, but the weeds are too high to take pictures. This guy showed up this morning and saved the day.

I must have taken a dozen photos, but only one where his face showed up that turned out okay. Not too bad with an iPhone through a plate glass window.

He hung around for a while, and scoped out the weeds for mice or other rodents. I never saw him catch any though. I have seen them catch tree squirrels before, and it amazes me they even can.

I rarely get a picture to share, but I've seen beavers, muskrats, coyotes, mink, and dozens of kinds of ducks. (Those mink are tough to get pictures of.) We get deer all the time. It seems like every winter Fish & Wildlife removes a mountain lion downtown somewhere. I don't recommend jogging in the dark.

Anyway, this little guy made my day. Hope you had a good one too.

Oh yeah, this is a writing blog. If you like foxes, you might enjoy a character in Will O' the Wisp. Click on my author page in the sidebar. (Shameless promotion over for today.)


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29 responses to “Out my office window again

  1. Wow! Awesome photo and how amazing to catch him at all.

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  2. Surprised at how big the tail is. Looks as long as its body. Curious about the mink, but I guess members of the weasel family are rather elusive.

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  3. Sometime we must shamelessly promote! Great shot

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  4. Such an interesting place to live, especially for a writer. 🙂 😛

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  5. Look at the lovely bushy tail on that guy! Great photo, Craig. The setting for your office sounds awesome.

    Mine backs up to fields and we occasionally get deer strolling by that’s about it.

    Oh–and there are mountain lions?? *gulp* Scary thought!

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  6. What a view! Great photo, plate glass or not.

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  7. Nice! My work never has wildlife. Unless you count the occasional visit of Mentor’s wee one 😛
    We’re located in business central, 6-8 lanes on either side of the corner, interstate ramps conveniently located, whoosh! No place for critters.

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  8. I just finished Will O Whisp and thought of Oreo.(yes review coming. Hint. I loved it)

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