I’ve been kind of quiet around here

All my company went home Saturday. I always like to have them come, but I like them to leave too. This let us have a decent date night last night.

We went to a small, upscale Italian place downtown. The food was wonderful, and the budino dessert is one of our favorites. It was windy and cold, so we didn't take time to walk around much. Boise downtown is kind of a nice place, but not in that icy wind.

My wife has been glued to The Hallmark Channel for the last two days. Makes it really hard to read and write. I surfed Facebook and changed out my pinned tweet. There were a few emails to exchange here and there. I read a few blogs.

She bought tickets to a kids movie and took the grandkids this afternoon. With a few quiet hours, I decided to write a bit. It came out at around 2000 words on The Yak Guy Project, not awesome, but better than nothing. This time there was blood involved.

I started reading a book, but since I made good progress on it, writing seemed like the way to go tonight. I'm off tomorrow, so there is more quality time in my future. I need to do a bit of research before tomorrow, and will use the next hour to get it done. Then it's time for more Evil Dead, followed by The Walking Dead.

Sorry I didn't post more, but a bunch of company doesn't lead to interesting posts. Hope all of you had good weekends, and those who write got more done than I did.


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29 responses to “I’ve been kind of quiet around here

  1. Thanksgiving weekend isn’t about being productive, and it sounds like it was pleasant and relaxing, Craig. ahhh.

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  2. A lot of ‘Dead’ in your future. I’m curious if the kids movie was the same one we went to, which was a lot of fun. How are things going with the pinned tweets? I’m finding I get a lot more on one tweet than when I did several throughout the day. Even break 100 some days.

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  3. Ali Isaac

    Yup I’m doing lots of writing but its all essays, no book writing, not even blog post writing. Sigh… just cant do it all. I have to find a way, my heads gonna explode with all these ideas! 😁 Glad you had a great family Thanksgiving.

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    • You bit off a lot. Sounds like you have the priorities set to get through it all. I understand having too many ideas. Short fiction helps, and even a list of future ideas helps. It isn’t the same as novel writing though.


  4. Finally got my computer issues resolved. I had a rough weekend trying to do research with a foul PC. Feel like I’ve been out of touch for decades. I’ve got to get back into my reading/writing mode. It’s been too long. Glad to know you had a nice holiday and things have quietened down. I’ve been debating whether or not to do massive promo during December or hold off until after the holidays in January. I believe people are focused on big ticket items at Christmas, but many have gift cards to spend after Christmas. My sales took a sharp nosedive a couple of weeks ago and have been flat-lined since. Shows pages being read from Unlimited, but no new sales excpet paperbacks. I noticed all the posts I made through my publisher have been posted by one individual on different sites. That’s kinda fishy to me. All that hard work to only reach one person’s audience via several different sites??? Hmmm…………

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    • I’ve seen that kind of blog tour myself. It is fishy, and there isn’t much to warn you other than trying them out. Sales have been spotty but kind of consistent for me. I’ll have a dead day, then sell a couple. There have been more pages read too lately. Nothing’s worse than a wonky computer, hope you get it all sorted out.

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  5. Crap… except paperbacks…..my publicist….too many typos….too many brain farts.

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  6. Sounds like a nice weekend.

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  7. Icy wind really isn’t pleasant anywhere. :/ Glad you enjoyed date night 🙂

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  8. I got almost no work done over the holiday, but sometimes you just need a break, you know? I’m sure I’ll get back in the groove, as will you. And 2,000 words is nothing to sneeze at. It’s more than the NaNo goal, so chunks that big will yield a novel in less than a month (assuming you hit that target everyday, of course). And it’s 2,000 more words than I wrote this past week. :/

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    • Just getting started today, so I might do a little better. As a weekend guy, I need a month worth of Saturdays to write a novel at that speed. I manage somehow though. I surfed you on Amazon, but still no link. I thought it might be there on the 25th.


  9. I had a wonderful holiday and a great weekend. I’m in editing mode right now and behind schedule, but I’m hitting it hard (I probably shouldn’t have goofed off and went Black Friday shopping).

    Sounds you had a relaxing time too, and I would be very happy with 2K on a WIP. All progress is progress!

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  10. Sounds wonderful. We had family yesterday, which killed the day for me, but it was so nice to spend time with them. Over the weekend, we had obligations with friends on Friday and Sunday, so that hampered my writing time, too. I got some done, but not enough. And today, I’m decorating for Christmas. Hopefully, I’ll have the rest of the week to work on Blessed. Time is ticking away, but it’s difficult to buckle down this time of year. We haven’t even started our Christmas shopping. Yikes!

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