Partial chill today

I don't know that I ever take a day for myself, not completely. I decided not to hit it too hard today though. This is my flex day for the week, and I had the house to myself.

Otto hasn't been sleeping at night this week. Is suspect my son makes him sleep all day so he doesn't have to walk him or deal with him. Otto started his day at 2:00 AM today. I decided to get up with him, so my wife could sleep. She had to answer the alarm clock about an hour later, but I did what I could. I'm going to be talking to my son.

This led to hours of pumpkin ball play, and I decided to try out the slow motion video on my new camera. It works better with a thrower that just lets me film. I posted one on my own and one after my wife got home. You can see them at the Entertaining Stories Facebook page.

Of course, after my wife got on the road, Otto went to sleep. Why wouldn't he, he'd been awake all night. I took advantage of the time to finish reading a book. There is something so perfect about the dark hours before sunrise.

I woke him up for another game of pumpkin ball, because I want him sleepy tonight. While we played, I turned on some Loony Toons cartoons, and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I don't think I have to have children in the house to watch Wabbit Season.

During the cool down, I took advantage and worked up three shticks for Lisa Burton Radio. Once those were in the mail, we played with another of Otto's toys for a while. When I checked the mail, one of the radio interview is already back.

I did my typical blog skimming, checked Facebook and Twitter. Then I wrote out a bit of micro-fiction. This is for my possible baseball book, called The Enhanced League. I'm trying to make all the stories fit together, albeit loosely. This makes it hard to use the twist endings I enjoy so much. There are a few, but not as frequently as I'd prefer. I have no idea what I'll do with it eventually. Right now it keeps me in fiction until I can dedicate some real time to my novel.

I also scheduled my next post over at Story Empire. It's kind of a loose assessment of all the things I tried during October to get readers to look my way. These things are beyond what the Story Empire crowd is doing together. The post is scheduled for somewhere around midnight on Halloween.

Speaking of Story Empire, the big tour is still going on, and so are the scavenger hunts. If you haven't entered yet, all you have to do is answer a couple of questions you can find the answers to on our site. You don't have to actually visit all the tour host sites. Ten gift cards and five ebooks are up for grabs, and you could win from multiple authors.

Also speaking of Story Empire, we are doing a couple of book blasts on Halloween. They're all paranormal stories to some degree, so it makes sense. For one of the blasts, they require either a discount or a free day. I hadn't planned on it, but I set Will O' the Wisp up as free all that day. The links will be in my post at Story Empire after it loads. Reminder: I also set it up in the UK store, because I love you guys too. So if you didn't win in the giveaway, I'm giving you an unplanned second chance.

I managed all this before 2:00 this afternoon. You can get a lot done when you start at 2:00 AM. I'll probably take a nap, and tonight we're having date night somewhere. No doubt the World Series will be involved somewhere along the line. Maybe I can find my own version of pumpkin (beer) along the way.


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26 responses to “Partial chill today

  1. I find I do some of my best work in the middle of the night when I can’t sleep (which is often). Enjoy date night, Craig. Looking forward to your Story Empire post!

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  2. And THIS is what you do with a day off – lol??? I rarely take an “all me” day either – and I try my dardest to avoid the computer on those days. I do make it a point on Nov. 29th (my birthday), so at least I focus on myself once a year. πŸ™‚ But sometimes I find myself browsing the blogs (or writing an article) even on that day. ::sigh::

    I am so lucky that Tink has adapted to my hours (that tend toward the vampire times, so I do need to sleep in the morning daylight hours). He sleeps next to me – quietly, I think – and his reward is a rousing game of frisbee during his first jaunt outside (more to give him an energy-outlet, but also to reinforce some of his “tricks” like get it, bring it, drop it, sit, lie down, etc.)

    But then, since I don’t wake to sound, I’m not sure if he just gave up trying and decided to sleep until I awakened.
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  3. Sounds like a talk with the son would be a good idea. Good to have a day to do what you want to do. Nap is a plus.

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  4. 2am, oh my word! How are you not a walking zombie?!? I agree, I love pre-dawn, but then I like to sleep later in the morning…
    Pumpkin ball video very cute!

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  5. Hope you get Otto back on schedule!! And here’s to a good night’s sleep for all of you!!

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  6. Our dog woke me up in the middle of the night every day this week — she needed to go out. I’m wondering if we were feeding her dinner too late, so we’re going to feed her earlier, and see if she can get it all out of her system before bedtime.

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  7. Ali Isaac

    There isnt much that would drag me from my bed at 2am, certainly not a dog! Fair play to you, dont know how you coped all day. But you did get a lot done. Hope you enjoyed your pumpkin (beer)! 😁

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  8. You’re such a fantastic puppy daddy. Hope you got some rest.

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  9. I have to admit that not even my cat or a story idea would get me up in the wee hours of the morning! You’ve been busy and productive (not to mention the play time with Otto). Looking forward to the Story Empire post. There’s a lot going on tomorrow!

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