Last scoop of Macabre Macaroni this year

The Zombie Fighters

We stood back to back in the old basement. Joey held his sword off to his left, and I held mine up with the blade in front of my face. We made a deadly team, but the zombie horde upstairs would be the biggest one we’d ever faced.

Joey turned his San Diego Padres cap around backwards. “Ready?”

“As I’ll ever be.” I rushed the stairway with Joey at my heels.

The zombies almost looked surprised. I probably imagined it, because they don’t have any emotions or feelings. They’d already eaten half the families in town, and I recognized a few of them as having been local people. I stepped into the shell of the burned out house and made sure to move far enough that Joey could support me.

I lowered my sword and thrust through the face of the first one, making sure to slice on the draw so my blade wouldn’t get stuck. He fell in a heap of stinking rotten flesh, and I swung at one to my right.

Joey gave a masterful stroke, slicing completely through one Zombie and into the skull of the one beside it. “That was my Tony Gwynn swing, you bastards.”

“Looks like you hit a double. There’s home runs waiting in the other room.”

We worked our way through the sooty kitchen and into the living room. Seventeen of the damned things greeted us there.

The fight was long and bloody. Joey went to his knees, but I rescued him before he got bitten. That only left the upstairs bedrooms to clear. Should be a breeze after what we’d already accomplished.

Joey led the way up this staircase, and we took care to avoid the ledge. The fire destroyed the railing and it was a long drop.

We kicked open doors and slashed our way room by room until we were the only things left standing.

The last room looked like it must have been the master bedroom. The fire damaged it more than the others. Even the exterior wall and roof were gone.

I tested the floor with each step. No sense surviving the zombies and falling through a crumbling floor. I looked out towards town, and everything was quiet as the sun dipped behind a ridge. More zombies moved though the forest, and they were coming our way.

Joey grabbed a ruined pillowcase and hung it from a nail.

“What’s that for?”

“It’s our flag. This is where we make our stand. If we get split up, we meet back here.”

“Good idea. This can be our fort.” I dropped my stick-sword onto the sooty floor. “Only we’ll have to defend it tomorrow.”

“But they’re almost here.”

I wrapped an arm around my brother’s shoulder. “The street lights came on. You know how mom gets if we don’t go home right away. Schools out now, we have all summer to defend our fort.”


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36 responses to “Last scoop of Macabre Macaroni this year

  1. Another mini masterpiece, it will be a shame when Halloween is over!


  2. Aw. That was sweet! πŸ™‚

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  3. Reblogged this on Legends of Windemere and commented:
    The final Macabre Macaroni of 2016.

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  4. Fun way to end it this year. Remember days like that. If it wasn’t zombies, it was ninjas, pirates, wolves, or robots. How did we survive our horde-filled childhoods?

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  5. That was cute. Another good one!!

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  6. We made forts in the tall coffee weeds behind my grandmother’s and with the bales of hay in the barn….but never had imaginative play like this. I bet you were a fun kid to hang out with. Great story.

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  7. Personally, I’m glad for this one, phew! I’ve read so many scary stories and watched so many scary movies, I’m afraid of everything lately! lol I felt like when he put his arm around his brother, I got comforted! πŸ™‚

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  8. Boys will be boys. Time changes but not boys, though this is a new version of old games. πŸ˜€ BOO!

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  9. Yummy pesto sauce with this one! πŸ˜‰

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  10. Nice one. Reminded me of the games we played as kids. No zombies though.

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  11. Nice. When I was a kid it was all army or cowboys, no zombies in the picture then.

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  12. I saw you had a picture of Lisa on a dock, with a sea monster grabbing a political candidate. I thought that was going to be a macabre macaroni. Did I miss one, or has work fried my short-term memory?

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  13. Ali Isaac

    I can’t believe that’s the last one… October has flown by this year.

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