Efforts for today

I wasn't overly productive today. I went through my critiques and made a few adjustments to The Yak Guy Project. I caught up with my “must read” blog list, and made a quick Otto post.

We played multiple games of pumpkin ball. Shoved some treats into his kong tire and watched him gnaw them out.

Whenever he was distracted, I worked on a short story. This one has multiple viewpoint characters, and I used a lot of page breaks. It really needs to be gone over a few more times, but it uses a bunch of characters from previous short stories, and they've all been well introduced by the time this story appears. I need to sleep on it, but it came in at 2650 words. New words, yay!

I also sent out a shtick for a Lisa Burton Radio post. Lisa is always looking for more guests, so keep this spot in mind.

I watched the Indians beat the Blue Jays again, and now my son and I are going to watch Captain America Civil War. If it ends in time, I'll catch the last innings of Cubs vs Dodgers.

Over the next two days, I'll probably work on some short fiction, and do some reading. Between games of pumpkin ball, of course.

It's all pretty boring, but I needed some boring for a day or two.


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9 responses to “Efforts for today

  1. Sounds somewhat productive. At least the stuff with Otto. What’s pumpkin ball?

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  2. Thanks for reminding me, I will be emailing you later today about the Lisa project…

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  3. Doesn’t sound boring to me. o_O Carry on. 🙂

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  4. You are keeping busy (even pumpkin ball time is productive. We have to unwind and relax for creativity). I spent two days churning out word count on book 3 of the Mothman saga. 2K short of where I wanted to be but it’s all forward progress.


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