Welcome October

I love October. I've been bouncing around in cyberspace and may have said that a few other places. This month, I'm going to be hitting promotion hard. The last two weeks of September I had time to take on even more stuff. I spent it filling out forms, answering interview questions, etc.

I'm going to miss that September wallpaper though. Let's take one last look at Lisa goofing off with the rocket-pack before we retire it completely.

I found a cool image of bats flying in front of a full moon to use this month, but another of my blog friends is using the exact same image. How about some pumpkins. If I find something else, I may change it again.

I also went back to the Will O' the Wisp banner image for a while. That's an October story, and fits with the overall theme. If I find a cool monster, maybe I can shoehorn it into the Moai graphic somehow.

I filled out another interview sheet, and sent out a final proof for this week's Lisa Burton Radio before I decided to write this. Basically, I've been sending out excerpts, covers, reading copies and such for weeks.

Will it all work? I have no idea, but I intend to meet some new people this month. The basic idea is that I have three novels that might qualify as Halloween reading. There are plenty of similar tales in the Experimental Notebooks too. What better time to try promoting them than right now.

My friends at Story Empire are banding together to push all of our paranormal tales in a massive blog tour (or two). I'm almost certain to post about it, but might not do it until next weekend.

I need to write and schedule my Monday and Tuesday posts this weekend. If I get the Lisa Burton Radio stuff in time, I will use the scheduler for that too. My paycheck job is sending me to Coeur d'Alene for a week, and blogging time will be limited. The scheduler is wonderful under those circumstances.

That will leave Wednesday open, and I might be able to post some pictures from CDA or something.

Some of the best things about this kind of promotion are the hosts themselves. Not everyone is open to hosting an author. I try to reblog the posts as a way of supporting them. An enterprising author might visit them too, just to make the connection. It might even be worth adding a note or two to any living documents you keep about bloggers willing to host authors. Then when you need them, you'll have a starting place.

Most of this promotion stuff involves work in advance. After sending the kit out, all that remains is participating in the comments and sharing across social media. By hitting it hard in September, and the first parts of October, I may be able to coast a bit in the second half of the month.

It's still early yet, and I can take on a few more projects as long as they're small. If you need to fill slots on an October themed event, or are opening up some paranormal slots keep me in mind. I'm willing to return the favor and host people here too. My preferred method is Lisa Burton Radio, but I've hosted cover reveals and such too.


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41 responses to “Welcome October

  1. Love the new scenery. Nothing wrong with pumpkins. Though I do prefer them in pie form. 😉 Looking forward to the October events.

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  2. Busy, busy, busy! But you know what they say… the devil makes work for idle hands. (And might not that make a good Halloween tale!)

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  3. Love the picture and I love October too. Still need to go and pick out pumpkins and apples before I start my favorite season – baking season.

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  4. Great wallpaper 🙂
    I had a truly disturbing dream last night, and now I actually have a plot line for my 13 stories submission. Boo and yay :/ lol

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  5. It’s so Fallish over here. I love it. Living where everything is perpetually green gets boring…but then, we have the beach and all. You are always so busy and never complain about. I’m feeling overwhelmed.

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  6. Good luck with all the October events, Craig – let me know if I can help in any way 😀
    And I love October too, autumn is my favourite time of year 🍁🍂

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  7. loving the pumpkins! <3!
    Am winding down after the Freebooter re-launch and will be premiering a new guest author/character feature over on SIan's blog this month, so perhaps we could do a guest-swap with Lisa – will email you soon! 😉

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  8. It’s cute the way you change up your Maori art.

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  9. Awesome. More power to you. 🙂

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  10. October is one of my favorite months of the year (along with May, June and July). I love pumpkin weather and all the spooky reading that goes along with October and Halloween. I’ll be hitting the promotion trail right along with you. Hopefully, all the hard work will pay off. It’s sure to be fun regardless!

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  11. Good luck on all your activity.

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  12. I purchased Will O’ the Wisp and may have to move it up in my list to read this October. I have a 4 paranormal mysteries that I believe fit the October read category too. Last night I created lots of headers with my October reads, and I have a different one on each of my sites, facebook, twitter, blog, and website. My plan is to switch them up each week until the end of October. I tend to do spur of the moment promotion. I need to learn to schedule these things ahead of time.

    Good luck with your promotion efforts. I will follow along with your reblogs.

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    • Thank you, Kim. Wisp may be my favorite. I tried to weave all my suspense techniques into it, all while writing in first person as a teenage girl. I plan on changing my site frequently around here too. If something catches the eye that’s half the battle.


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