Curl Up With a Spooky Good Read by @Virgilante #horror #FridayReads #Halloween

I’m over at NN Light’s blog today and the topic is Halloween reading. If you’re not already following this great blogger, consider it while you’re over there.

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We’ve had the opportunity to meet some amazing authors and it’s our supreme pleasure to introduce you to C. S. Boyack. He’s here today to share his books and reveal why he’s a true Halloween aficionado. Take it away, C. S.:

As September dwindles, it’s time for my favorite month of the year. As a true Scorpio, October means something special to me. I love the chill in the morning air, the taste of pumpkin in everything, and the changing of the leaves. Most of all, I love Halloween. Its traditions, it’s pagan roots, and the idea of curling up with a book that’s up to the task.

I’m C. S. Boyack, and I write in genres all across the speculative field. I’m willing to include invading aliens, robots and more, but the focus today is going to be on more traditional Halloween fare.

I have three novels that fill…

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9 responses to “Curl Up With a Spooky Good Read by @Virgilante #horror #FridayReads #Halloween

  1. Loved the post, Craig… very well written! 😁

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  2. What a great overview, Craig. Nicely done.

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  3. Commented over there and followed their blog too. Love how all this author support stuff works 🙂

    BTW, great post!

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  4. Ooh I’ll have a peek thanks!

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