Errands, guests, then goofing off

I managed to read most of a book I've been wanting to finish. We had company again this weekend, so all my efforts were in tiny chunks.

Today mostly involved some errands I needed to run. Then my father-in-law decided to drop in for a few hours. He always shows up unannounced, and is on his way back to Reno. He never stays more than a couple of hours. We visited with him, and I spent the remaining time building a page for Story Empire. Some of us are really good at this kind of thing, but I have to experiment my way through. We'll probably launch those pages in early October. They involve a scavenger hunt, and there are prizes. Watch this space and I'll keep you updated.

My oldest son is here between job sites. He never knows when he's going to get called out again, but he's been in Wyoming most of the Summer. Tomorrow morning, he and I are going grouse hunting.

Most of you may not understand this, but it isn't about the grouse. They make wonderful table fare, but getting a brace for supper is pretty low on the list. It's all about time together, and getting some fresh air before Winter closes the forest for the year. We'll get to talk and hang out and that's the important part. If I bring home a bag of blackberries or raspberries I'll be just as happy. My favorite wild apple tree is up there too, so maybe I'll eat an apple. (After checking the area for bears.)

Tomorrow afternoon we're getting more company. My sister-in-law is staying for a week.

Writing? What's that? This weekend is a total bust for writing progress. My usual method of operation is to set an alarm for early morning and hit it hard tomorrow. This time, I'm playing hooky and hanging out with my son. I actually need this more than I need words on paper.

The next two weeks are going to be strange. I'll have company here, then I have to go to Coeur d'Alene for a week with my work. Somehow, I'll have to share two guest spots I'm making, a Lisa Burton Radio spot here, and the first Macabre Macaroni story in October. Thank God for the scheduler in WordPress.


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20 responses to “Errands, guests, then goofing off

  1. That’s a lot going on. Very cool that you get to spend some time and the grouse hunting comes second. Life seems to be so busy that it’s hard to find moments with family that don’t come off like business meetings or going through the motions. Good luck with everything.

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  2. My FIL drops by all the time, too. I think you know that.

    I got some writing done this weekend, but more importantly, I read. Apparently going back to work affects everything in my life a little bit, but affects my reading time with drastic reduction! Bleh.

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  3. Glad to hear you have your priorities sorted, Craig, and I just know some writing will be done, somewhere along the way!

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  4. Time together is precious. Trumps writing.

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  5. Love these lines: “This time, I’m playing hooky and hanging out with my son. I actually need this more than I need words on paper.” That’s the gold right there. Good for you for recognizing it. I bet you’re an awesome dad.

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  6. Have fun with your family. Sometimes you just gotta walk away from it for a while.

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