Acts Beyond Redemption, on Lisa Burton Radio

It's time for another edition of Lisa Burton Radio. I'm your host, Lisa the robot girl and with me in the studio today is Sheila Harrington. We've had a lot of difficult interviews on this show, from dark lords to serial killers, but Sheila is an assassin. A darned good one too, if her bio is to be believed. “Welcome to the show, Sheila.”

“Good morning, Lisa. Before we begin, I need to move my chair. I never sit with my back to a window. It could prove to be unhealthy.”

“Oh, I see, I think we can arrange that. Is that more to your liking?”

“Yes, and thanks.”

“I don't know many little girls who grow up wanting to be an assassin. How does life lead you to that choice?”

“That wasn't my life goal as a little girl, I simply wanted to survive my life long enough to escape it. That changed, everything changed when my father chose to crash our plane into the side of a mountain. This is difficult to talk about. It's not something I would usually share, so I'll be brief. My mother made a stupid mistake, she told him,( my father), that we were leaving him. She told him whilst we were airborne. That stupid mistake cost her her life. He survived the crash … but he didn't survive me. I made him pay for my mothers' death. He died slowly and in great pain. That was my solution. The rescue teams took five days to find us. I was changed the day I killed him. I had tasted revenge, and I liked the flavor. I hadn't counted on the nightmares, or the inability to sleep as a result. I decided to use the anger that overwhelmed me at the time, and I figured the best way to do that was to legally take-down people like my father, people that didn't deserve to share the same air that I breathed. I applied to the Central Intelligence Agency, I'd hoped my skills with weaponry learned from early childhood living on, and, hunting the land, would assure me an internship.

“That didn't happen. I wasn't successful, and I began to spiral out of control. I wanted revenge against a world that allowed that evil piece of crap to exist in the first place. I had nowhere to go with the rage. So, I had myself committed to an asylum. I had hoped to find a measure of calm there. That didn't happen.”

“What did you do after that door closed?”

“I was approached whilst in the asylum. I was approached for two reasons, one, because of my skills in hunting, and more importantly because I had failed the Psyche test to enter the CIA. The man gave me an opportunity to extract revenge on the human race. The offer was simply too good to refuse.

“It sounds like it could still be government service. Is it?”

“I'll claim the 5th Amendment on that question.”

“Okay, can you tell us about the job itself?”

“I guess it doesn't make a difference anymore, so … I'll tell you a few things. There were others, like myself, we had all tried to join security forces of one sort or the other, and the common denominator was our failure to pass Psyche exams. Anyway … my training didn't just cover tactical issues, I had specialized training in BDSM. I learned fast. Attracting the chosen targets wasn't hard, even I know I'm good to look at. My brief was to lure the intended victim with sex, and then execute them in a fashion that would be widely assumed to be that of a deranged serial killer. Each of the chosen victims had been part of a covert black-ops team. The other hits were direct sniper take downs. I enjoyed my work.

“That's so, you know, un-nice. Do you ever take time to unwind? Is there something that helps take away the burden?”

“Burden? I don't find it a burden, but the adrenalin rush is enormous, and to stop myself from burning out I have my horses, my babies. I breed Arabians at 'Heavens Gate' my hunting lodge. They love me, and I them. I ride … we become as one and there on the land I'm freed from everything, and every memory.”

“How can you love horses, but kill people?”

“Horses have no evil in their souls, they love unconditionally. I'm accustomed to being hated, I'm comfortable with that, but my babies give me warmth without expectation. They have no hidden agenda.”

“Isn't there anyone in your life who is special? Someone you care about?”

“Special? That's a funny word, isn't it. I guess 'Holliday' my CO is as close as I can get to caring about someone, at least in the respect of admiring him. I enjoy it when I make him smile at a job well done.”

“He sounds nice… Maybe. Do you have any new assignments? Is there someone out there who doesn't know what he's getting into?”

“Nice? Dear, Lord, Lisa! Holliday would take-down his own mother if the price was right. As for my new assignment, I can't discuss the details. And, honey, nobody ever knows what they are getting into with me. I only date for business purposes, and I'm currently seeing two men.”

“Can you tell me about them? Do any of them mean anything to you?”

“Mean anything? As in do I care about them ? No. No I don't, but Damon Henderson is a man I must appear to be besotted with. Being the Governor of New York, he has a reputation to uphold.”

“So he's the governor of New York? Is it safe for him to be around you? It could be a scandal–“

“There will be no scandal once he's President. He's announced his candidacy and asked me to stand beside him.”

“Stand beside him? What, exactly, does that mean?”

“We are to be married. He's almost guaranteed to win, so I guess that will make me First Lady of The United States.”

“Hoo boy! We're out of time today. Our show was sponsored today by the book, Acts Beyond Redemption, by S. Burke. I'll include all the links and contact data on the website.

“Don't forget to tip your waitress by clicking those Twitter and Facebook buttons down below. When your character appears on this show, you'll want visitors to support you too.”


Acts Beyond Redemption takes you on a twisted, deadly, journey.

Mike Matheson is head of a Special Task Force set up by the F.B.I to track down and apprehend the serial killers responsible for 18 brutal murders.

The team are exhausted, frustrated, and ready to burn out after almost five years and no leads.

Their nightmares are stripping them to the bone.

Nothing has prepared them for this.

Someone on the inside is deflecting their weary eyes away from an incomprehensible and shattering truth.

Who will be buried in the shattered remains of a country where freedom and honor are treasured above all things?

Just how far will those elected to protect and defend go, to keep the American dream alive?

Follow S. Burke at the following locations:


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39 responses to “Acts Beyond Redemption, on Lisa Burton Radio

  1. Ali Isaac

    Oooooh…. Lisa, be careful. She sounds deadly. I hope Craig is paying you danger money for these interviews.

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  2. Definitely love this mentality of an assassin. Very logical and clear in her own head even if we would disagree. Though, I would argue that some horses definitely have evil in their souls. My interactions with them never end well.

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  3. Sounds like a great book! I really enjoyed this. You’ve piqued my interest.

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  4. Sounds like a wild ride of a book, especially based on those closing paragraphs!

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  5. Whew. This sounds like something I would love. Thanks, Lisa.

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  6. N. N. Light

    I loved this! An assassin’s mind is fascinating to me. Sounds like another winner! Great interview, Lisa.

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  7. An assassin who may become First Lady? Do tell!!

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  8. Hi, Craig and everyone, thanks so much for your support and interactions. I apologize for being so late to arrive, I was taken to the ER by ambulance on Monday last, and arrived home here only forty-five minutes ago. I’m still feeling decidedly ill (Double pneumonia) and I will need to go back to bed soon. Craig, Thanks you so very much for all of your hard work. xox. I can’t believe the lousy timing. I’ll try and get out of bed a little later a do a little more.

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  9. Reblogged this on Welcome to the World of Suzanne Burke. and commented:
    Interview with an Assassin! An insightful look into the deadly mind of Sheila Harrington. She’s beautiful, and she is deadly. Take a look.

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  10. jfredlee

    Very cool, Soooz. Proud of you! Hey, how are you feeling? Hope you’re feeling and doing much better, now that you’re out of hospital.

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  12. Wow! That was tense and scary. How does Lisa know she’s not a target? Maybe that’s why Sheila accepted the interviewed in the first place! 😮
    Great interview, Suzanne, Craig and Lisa! I have “Acts Beyond Redemption” in my kindle. 😀 xo

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