Tuesday – Anything Possible with The Experimental Notebook of C.S.Boyack II and Lisa Burton #RRBC

Lisa Burton, my personal assistant and spokesmodel, is visiting with John Howell today. John was very helpful in getting this book written, and we’re talking about the story he helped with. John is one of those super supportive authors, and a great writer and blogger. Please consider following his blog while you’re over there.

Fiction Favorites

Today I am so happy to welcome Lisa Burton once again to Fiction Favorites. For those of you who have been roleplaying vampires too long and haven’t been out much, Lisa is the robot assistant of Author C.S Boyack. Don’t let the term robot throw you. Lisa is every bit as human as I, as I, as I am. She is a terrific spokesperson and is used to help Craig with his promotional programs. Also noteworthy is the fact that Lisa is much better looking than Craig, so you have to respect his intellect on the choice. Without further blather, I present Lisa Barton who is here to discuss C.S.Boyack’s latest book.

Thanks for having me over again. The last time I was here I think I was interviewing you. You might find it interesting that you played a role in some of the goings on at Entertaining Stories.


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8 responses to “Tuesday – Anything Possible with The Experimental Notebook of C.S.Boyack II and Lisa Burton #RRBC

  1. Nice words, Craig. Thank you. I would hope every reader in the world picks up this book and has as much fun as I did. Much success.

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  2. Hi Craig! Stopped by John’s blog. That was a great post. Lisa did a nice job with the promotion. Shared it! Wishing you continued success with this installment.

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  3. Oh, by the way, I’m putting something together for you and Lisa. 😉

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  4. Great post! I tweeted John’s blog out to my followers to bring you more traffic. 🙂

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