Busy day tomorrow, and some strangeness

It looks like I will be on multiple sites tomorrow, and have every intention to reblog them all. They are all custom written pieces, and should prove interesting. I will try to stop by all of them and participate in the comments, but it will be during my breaks and lunchtime at work.

Just to keep this post interesting, I've driven by a specific hotel in Garden City for years. It's right along my commuter route. It's one of those places where construction guys pay by the week. Familiarity makes it almost invisible. Tonight I had to stop outside. The sign says, “Color TV, Direct Dial Phones, and Cable.”

Are there any hotels on Earth that don't offer that? Can you even buy a black & white television today? No mention of wifi, or a business center. Somehow their sign doesn't seem like much encouragement in 2016.


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12 responses to “Busy day tomorrow, and some strangeness

  1. N. N. Light

    There’s a “by-the-hour” (with complimentary condoms on the pillows) motel in the outskirts of my town and you’re lucky to get all three of those. Wi-Fi is a foreign word to those visiting the motel. Sad, really.

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  2. I’ve seen that kind of sign in rural inns. The non-chain stuff seem to be in that category. Though not as often as they used to be.

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  3. How about free wifi, smart tvs, and USB outlets? I do so love hotels with tons of USB outlets…

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  4. LOL I doubt you could even find a black-and-white TV, except maybe at a yard sale. Even then, it’d be tough.

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  5. LOL! That’s hilarious! Until a fire destroyed the place recently, we had a pizza restaurant (here in Florida!!) that boasted that it offered — now get this — AIR CONDITIONING! Yes, really! With that hotel, I’ve got to wonder if it’s the pay by the hour kind. 😉

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