C. S Boyack Introduces his second Experimental Notebook

The blog tour stops at D. S. Nelson’s place today. We’re talking about a particularly vile documentary filmmaker who inspired one of the stories in my new Experimental Notebook. Come on over and join the conversation.

I have a treat for you all today folks! My blogging friend Craig Boyack and I have done a blog swap! Writing speculative fiction under the name C.S. Boyack, Craig is here to talk about what inspires his writing.

I’ve always been interested in where other writers magpie ideas from and it’s a question I often get asked myself. Nature is a constant source of inspiration for me, as well as the environment and green issues.

Read on to find out how it also inspires Craig in one of his tales from his new book of short stories, ‘The Experimental Notebook II’.

Thanks for inviting me over today. It’s always nice to find hosts when we have a new book to talk about. The topic of this post is going to be inspiration, but first the book.

The Experimental Notebook of C. S. Boyack II is my second collection of short stories and…

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2 responses to “C. S Boyack Introduces his second Experimental Notebook

  1. I am almost done with the first Experimental Notebook and loving it. Now anxious to read the next book.

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