Guest Post: C. S. Boyack 

The blog tour is over at Victo Dolore’s place today. We’re teasing about a form of poisoning that most people know nothing about. Do yourself a favor and visit her site. She is one of the best and most interesting bloggers I know.

Behind the White Coat

Mr. Boyack was one of the first bloggers I ran across on WordPress. Over the years I have come to appreciate his pithy wisdom, timely encouragement, AND most of all… his Entertaining Stories.

Thanks for inviting me to your blog again. I’m back with a second collection of short stories and micro-fiction, cleverly named The Experimental Notebook of C. S. Boyack II.

image1This is a collection of speculative fiction that includes aliens, monsters, ghosts and more. This time I leaned a bit more toward science fiction and paranormal, but there is one that might qualify as fantasy.
I wracked my brain trying to find a medical tie in, because Victo loves those.It’s kind of loose, but I may have found one. There is one story that involves a kind of poisoning, but it’s not something anyone would be looking for.
In an age of factory medicine, where someone sees…

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7 responses to “Guest Post: C. S. Boyack 

  1. Ahh, I remember the story that inspired this. Left you some comment luv over at Victo’s place.

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  2. Likewise, Craig. Left a comment on the other site. It’s a great looking blog, so I’m following it as well.

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