Pulling back the veil

Regular readers of this blog know I’ve been working pretty hard on projects. There seems to be a little of that going around these days, because I’ve discovered some kindred spirits.

We’ve formed a collective group, initially for some group promotion, but it’s grown into something more. Today, I want to tell you about Story Empire.

I’ve joined up with these wonderful authors to bring you something new:

Our initial common ground is the paranormal. We’re all pretty diverse, and we have other common interests as well.

We’ve all been working hard on different corners of our cooperative effort, but the work of Staci Troilo really shows in the new website and blog. Look at these wonderful graphics.

Huh, how’d I manage to use that last one? (Because Entertaining Stories is my blog, that’s why.) Didn’t she do a super job?

We’re still working on our group promotions, but the website and blog is live right now. Staci even made a lovely post about dialog that you might find helpful. We intend to include some writing, publishing, and promotion tips on the blog.

We’re growing and getting a feel for what’s to come, but you can follow the blog right now. In fact we’d appreciate it if you did. We’re all going to be posting there in due time. For now, the focus is on the paranormal, Halloween is fast approaching.

Check it out. Follow the blog. Share our startup across social media. Drop us a hint about what you’d like to see there.


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23 responses to “Pulling back the veil

  1. Ali Isaac

    Wow! You have been busy! All the best with it, Craig!

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  2. Do you have a link to the new blog?

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  3. Love the post, Craig, and Staci rules when it comes to graphics. I love everything she’s done and am super excited about being a part of Story Empire with such a great group of authors. I know we’ve all been crazy busy getting things off the ground, but I think the blog is something others will find beneficial, and I do hope many will follow. It’s been a great project, and I see it getting better.
    BTW, love your new wallpaper. I never know what I’m going to find when I pop in over here!

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  4. Super! You stay so busy…I just am in awe at how you do it!

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  5. Looking forward to popping over to Story Empire! Your teasers look good. I wonder, how did Lisa feel about being cut out and resized, hmm?

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  6. carmens007

    Awesome! Congratulations to all of you!
    Except Harmony I am familiar with all of the founders of the group. The new wallpaper looks nice. It seems that Lisa is flying to other worlds.
    As paranormal is my favorite topic, in reading and writing, I am glad to find such a group. I am heading right away to check and spread the word.

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  8. How fun! Staci did an excellent job on the graphics.

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