Camping with Internet service

We're in Arco tonight. The campground is closed in Craters of the Moon, or we'd be there instead. Most campgrounds have wifi these days, and this one is no exception. Campground wifi is always spotty, and again this fills the bill. I'm actually posting this by pig-tailing my iPad into my cell phone instead.

Today was all about getting here, so that's why I'm writing. Tomorrow we'll go through the park and get some photos. I'll try to give you a tiny bit of history, then invite you all to speculate with me.

The pre-sale for The Experimental Notebook of C. S. Boyack II is going okay, but it's not blowing my doors off. I drifted into the top 100 short story/anthology collections about three times, but it never lasts. This has to do with the way Amazon's algorithm works. Sell six books in one day and the meter won't budge. Sell those same six books, and only those six books in the same hour, the meter spikes.

This book is only 99¢ and early sales really help me out. One of the fun side effects is my other titles started moving. Particularly the first Experimental Notebook. Some of the novels have sold copies too though, and that's a good thing.

Question of the day: Is this because Summer is winding down, or because I'm actually promoting again?

I wrote two guest posts tonight, based upon the requests I received. I have ten more to go, and should have them done in plenty of time for the September blog tour.

This campground has the most amazing barbecue, ribs and a smoked baked potato. We love cooking, but today was a travel day, and we were tired. Now we're going to clean up a bit and walk to the office. They also have craft beer on tap, and who am I not to sample the local favorites?

More tomorrow.



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18 responses to “Camping with Internet service

  1. I want to be at THIS campground!

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  2. Camping and wifi, seems oxymoronic ☺ but pretty damned nice too.

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  3. Have fun camping. I’d say things are moving because you started promoting again. August is usually slow until Labor Day because people are on vacation and away from the Internet. Totally agree about the algorithms too. Hard to figure out what moves the rankings these days. A friend handed out flyers for my first book at a convention and it netted 202 downloads while I was asleep. The rankings went up a bit, but not as much as I would have expected from a triple digit day. Seems it’s easier to drop than rise.

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  4. You mention promotion, Craig. Is there a particular method you would recommend?

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  5. Just bought Experimental Notebook 2. Can’t wait to read it! To answer you question, it’s probably a little of both…summer winding down and your marketing efforts.

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    • Sounds like a good respectable answer. I want to be everywhere this Fall, so I have to move into marketing mode. I’ve written several of the blog posts, and might get to yours this evening. Thanks for taking a chance on Notebook 2, You might like some of them.

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  6. It’s been decades since I camped, but your post brings back the tug of nostalgia. It sounds like a wonderful place and also really cool to be sitting there and working on your iPad even if you did have to rig it.

    I’m typing this on my Surface Pro 3 on my covered patio after taking a dip in the pool. I hate that summer is winding down but I do think readers come out more in the autumn. Summer is a time for paperbacks. During fall and winter I think ebooks rule.

    Congrats on all those forays into the top 100. I can’t wait to see the finished product when Notebook II rolls out. 🙂

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