The Crypt – Completed! A Tale With Two Endings…

Helen and I had a bit of fun with one of her Thursday Doors posts. We started a story that other bloggers could add on to. Now it’s finished, and you can read it at Helen’s blog.

Journey To Ambeth

IMG_2594Just about two weeks ago, Craig Boyack started a story based on the above photo, which I’d featured as one of my Thursday Door posts. I added to the story, then we opened it up for people to add to, hoping to get to the end. And we did! So, without further ado, I give you…The Crypt.

For over a thousand years, the ancient evil remained walled up behind a blessed doorway at St. Mary’s Cathedral.
In the summer of 2016, an overzealous archaeologist detected something behind the wall using electromagnetic sounding equipment…

…entering through the old crypt, the archaeologist made their way through the vaulted chambers, footsteps echoing as they headed deeper into the dark…

The smell of moss and rot filled their nostrils. The light failed. A slight dragging noise came from farther down…

… the smell grew stronger, but with a hint of something darker…

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5 responses to “The Crypt – Completed! A Tale With Two Endings…

  1. I missed this. I must get around to reading it… sounds like fun!

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