Setting up the Weekend

We decided to have date night tonight, but keep it simple. We went through a great local drive in and grabbed some food to go. We wanted to take Otto with us, and decided to eat in a park instead of a restaurant.

It was nice out, and all the shade was perfect against the setting sun. We had to watch out for falling acorns, but I really enjoyed it. When I went to look for some water for the puppy, there was a leather purse shoved under a garbage can.

Did someone do a snatch and grab robbery? Is this some kind of drug drop? Is there a head in there? We didn't stick around to find out. We already finished eating, and decided to catch some Olympics on TV.

Tomorrow, my wife is taking the grandkids to shop for new backpacks. This really doesn't sound like a grandpa kind of thing. In fact, they'll probably wind up at Toys R Us sometime along the route.

Someone has to watch Otto. (At least that's my excuse.) This will leave me, the puppy, and my iPad all to our own devices.

I don't know if we'll try to go out tomorrow night. We might be broke after she spends the day with the grandkids. (Teasing…kind of.) My wife has to work early on Sunday. Going out the night before might be kind of a chore.

Sunday it will be me, Otto, and the iPad again. I have to call my parents, and that takes about an hour, but the rest of the day is mine.

My flex day next week is Monday. That means I might have even more writing time.

I think I'm going to shove the second Experimental Notebook through the Amazon machine. It gives me dates, and I can plug in a short pre-sale time, and the date I want it to deliver. Since we're going camping next weekend, it will be nice to scratch this off my list. We never know if there will be a weak wifi signal or none at all.

I started reading a book while we were at the coast, but haven't had a chance to look at it since. I'm going to dedicate some time to that too. I also have a friend's book I need to read, and really want to get to it.

The checklist:

  • Take life as it comes, including another date night and puppy play
  • Work on short stories
  • Read all my Macabre Macaroni stories, edit as needed
  • Publish my second Experimental Notebook (mostly)
  • Work on any Lisa Burton Radio stuff that comes back in the mail
  • Go through my critiques and make changes to The Yak Guy Project
  • Read one book, start another
  • Blog

It seems like a lot, but if I work at it, I can probably get all of it done.



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25 responses to “Setting up the Weekend

  1. Good luck with the goals. Now I’m wondering about the purse.

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  2. I don’t know how you accomplish everything that you do.

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  3. My mind is playing detective as I want to know what happened to the purse. Also it looks like a fun, productive weekend. Ah puppy play 🙂

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  4. Sounds like a plan. It’s so hot here I don’t go outdoors much, so I write a lot more.

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  5. I had no idea how house-rendering a puppy could be 😉 All that time writing, I mean, caretaking, must be a real burden!

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  6. Weird about the purse. I see your mind was already wandering along the thought patterns of a writer with story ideas. If you still need another Macabre Macaroni, I bet you could spin something from that.

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  7. Hope you enjoy the weekend. Man! I would look in that purse.

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  8. That is wonderful you guys still date. =)

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    • Haven’t seen you around for a while. Thanks for commenting. We need to get away by ourselves every now and then, even if it’s an hour in the park.


      • Going MIA wasn’t personal. Hard to keep visiting everyone – and there are many I would like to keep up with – when I’ve barely been able to write. I have a boy to nurture – sumo appetite and mind and all. Glad you get to write!

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      • Tell me about it. I like to support others by following, but reading them all becomes a full time job after a while. I had to create a list of those who interact, and limit myself to them so I could get some things accomplished.


  9. A date night with Otto included… that sounds like fun. How is the reality of your time off living up to your plans?

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