Well, that was strange

Today is my flex day off, kind of. Otto let me sleep until six, and I shouldn't gripe since my workday starts at 4:00. By the time I had breakfast and fed him, it gave me a small amount of time to get something accomplished. I dedicated it to email and some social media.

I'd be lying if I said I didn't play with Otto. Having a puppy is too darned much fun. They grow up fast and puppy play should not be put off.

I had to take him for his last puppy shots at 9:00. We decided to go back to our old vet, because we love him. We tried the local guy, but didn't like the way he treated us. He liked to take the dogs in back, do something, return them, and refuse to tell us anything that went on. Everyone at the old shop came to pet the bulldog puppy, and his butt was wiggling like crazy. The vet sat on the floor and gave Otto the once over while Otto ate his tie. Didn't bother this guy one bit, he thought it was funny.

The issue lies with the 20 mile one way trip to get him there. Boise isn't huge by city standards, but our 8:00 traffic can rival the best of them. The point being that I lost available time here. Otto is perfect, by the way. He weighs 38 pounds today. That's a lot of growing from the 10 pound baby we got the day before Memorial Day. I checked his records on the way out, and Otto was born on April first. Seems fitting for him to be born on April Fools Day.

I had to return to the office for an important meeting this afternoon. My office is about two blocks from the vet, so another 40 mile round trip had to fit into the schedule.

At the end of the day, I didn't get a lot done. I hoped to do some reading, and maybe work on a short story. Didn't happen.

I did manage to work on some spots for Lisa Burton Radio, so hopefully those will come together according to schedule. It isn't much, but that was my big accomplishment today. If I keep squeezing little things in, it seems to add up. It's like the folks who write a thousand words per day. Those words add up to a novel in fairly short order.

Okay, maybe I'm giving myself a sales pitch. It is what it is, but I got some small things done.


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27 responses to “Well, that was strange

  1. Sometimes we do need to give ourselves a sales pitch πŸ™‚

    I wouldn’t like a vet who took the animals somewhere to do something either. How….uncustomary…I wonder what that’s about?

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  2. Ah, the ‘where did the time go’ day. All it takes is one unexpected wrinkle to change the plan. Seems to be a lot of those going around. Good idea with the vets. No idea why one wouldn’t tell you what’s going on.

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  3. That sounds like a truly awesome vet!

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  4. At least Otto got taken care of!

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  5. We travel 184 miles one way for our vet visits. I know what you mean when you say the locals don’t really care. We always go to the back with our fur kids even when it is time to say goodbye. Glad Otto is doing fine.

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  6. no point in compromising for the sake of convenience, you’ll only kick yourself later…

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  7. I would never want to be parted from my pet while the vet was examining him/her so kudos to you for sticking with the vet that’s further away. Sounds like Otto gave his seal approval on the whole thing, too. You might not have managed writing or reading, but it sounds like you had a crazy busy day!

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  8. Sounds like a busy day, Craig! And I don’t know who is sucking all the extra minutes out of the days, but they seem to be passing by faster and faster. Like you say, you have to keep pushing on with little bits of things in the hope they’ll add up to something larger eventually. I’m supposed to be editing haha, but here I am πŸ™‚

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  9. We have a 20 min drive to our vet’s – wouldn’t trade her for the world. We’ve had so many pets over the years, we’ve sometimes been living there. I think a puppy play day is a wonderful way to spend time – share some pics?

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  10. Otto reads adorable. Where are the pictures? I want to see him. πŸ˜‰ Sounds like a worthwhile trip to see that vet.

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  11. I loved your vet and Otto stories, Craig. I think you and Otto have a fine life ahead….

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