Grumpy ass today

This is one of those posts where I risk pissing people off. That's life on the Internet, because people seem to be actively seeking something to get pissed off about.

Something on the morning news set me off, and after that I saw similar things everywhere. The catalyst of my attitude involved Miss Teen America. Let's keep that word teen in mind here.

It seems that somewhere in her past she used racial epithets in some Twitter posts. They showed them on the news, because proof is important in such weighty matters. They blacked it out, but did so in a way that it was obvious. Miss Teen America tweeted using the word “nigger.” There I said it.

While this isn't right by today's standards, the news report missed something that I thought was important. The tweets dated back to 2013. This poses several interesting issues. Remember, she is Miss Teen America. I could Google her, but I won't. For the sake of argument, let's say she is nineteen. (She could be younger) That means in 2013 she was sixteen. I'm not perfect today, but at sixteen most of you wouldn't have wanted to know me at all. I would not want to be denied a job over something I did when I was sixteen.

This also means that some hateful person dug through three years of old tweets before they found something juicy. I raised a teenage girl, and this could have been hundreds of thousands of tweets.

Why? This seems to say a lot about the whistle blower to me.

I assume these contests are about who is the most poised, articulate, and talented on the day of the event. I never thought they were about being perfect people. Kind of like a dog show, nobody cares that the winner pooped in the hotel room that morning.

We don't regulate thought yet. People are allowed to think however they please. They are allowed to have prejudices, right or wrong. We live in a culture of witch-hunting when anyone accomplishes anything. We are not required to like _________. Disagree with them, no problem. Shame them publicly and call for their heads? I disagree.

Then I ran across two of my very close blog friends dealing with something similar. One posted an historical article that involves a bit of legend. I love this blog, but one of her highly educational posts attracted a troll. Again, why? Disagree, sure. Be a jerk about it? I don't think so.

The other blogger is enjoying the hell out of Pokemon-Go. She wrote a very thoughtful article about depression and how this game got her off the couch. I didn't know the haters were assaulting players for visiting monuments and other public places. Don't like it, don't play it. Other people have the right to play.

I've seen the memes and shaming on Facebook regarding this game. What is the point? I've tried it, and it's pretty fun. I really have no doubts about my masculinity, and if you need to feel better about yourself, I still won't question my masculinity. It's just a game. Here's fuel for your fire, I've written female lead characters before too. I've been told I write them well.

Someone told me a long time ago that making someone else look bad, doesn't make me look good in comparison. Making someone else feel bad really serves no purpose either.

One of the things I love about the Internet, particularly the blogging world, is the diversity of opinions. I have the ability to consider a position without necessarily accepting it. In fact diverse opinions (and people) serve to make us better. There have been times in my life where a devils advocate helped clarify my own thoughts. If we all thought the same thoughts, and enjoyed the same things, the world would get boring in a hurry. We would never improve without some of those ideas that fall outside the box.

I interact regularly with NRA members, aging hippies, Liberals, Conservatives, people of all races, sexual orientation, and religion. I appreciate the bits and pieces they provide and they make me think. I still have the right to be myself, and have my own thoughts. I think other folks do too.

I've had thoughts that were wrong. I learned and changed my opinion. We have the right to be wrong just as much as the right to be correct. Humans can learn, and will change throughout their lives.

If you're still reading, thanks for sticking with me. I'll try to get back to my usual goofy self in the next post.



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52 responses to “Grumpy ass today

  1. I have learned amazing things from people who did not agree with me.

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  2. Live and let live, I say. Glass houses and all that. I wouldn’t want anyone trawling through all my misdemeanours either!

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  3. Sadly, public shaming seems to be the most common use of the Internet these days. I’ve noticed that a lot of people take joy from tearing other people down. Almost like they justify their existence by being offended by something and going on a campaign to destroy the other person. I think part of it involves the anonymity of the Internet. There are no consequences to being an online troll. You don’t see the tears of your victim or have to worry about taking a fist to the face, which could be what stops a person in the real world. Not to mention society seems to be very unforgiving. Make a mistake when you’re 14 or 15? Instead of being taught it was wrong and given another chance, you’re destroyed by an army of strangers. It’s really disturbing.

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  4. Thats actually a really measured take. I caught that miss teen bs somehow, and I generaly agree. If you or I or any number of people had our pasts dragged up, there would be embarassing things in them.
    Unfotunately for millenials, they have made a digital catalogue of their erroneous ways.
    Using nigger in a racist way is still pretty unforgiveable but I agree there is no point castigating a teenager…it really wont make much difference.
    Also, noticed how every pageant winner seems to win then the next day a huge headline drops on them, something in their past comes back to haunt them.

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  5. You wrapped it up beautifully with the lines “I still have the right to be myself, and have my own thoughts. I think other folks do too.” Somewhere along the line people have forgotten everyone is entitled to their own beliefs.

    Sadly, when you become a public figure today it’s like holding open the doors for trolls. No one is squeaky clean.

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  6. This is important stuff to talk about. I am really tired of those who think there is only one way to think and that is their way. Not a political statement since there is evidence of both sides being in the same mind frame. Our sensitivity to all things different is going to eventually kill us. Well said, Craig.

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  7. Well said. Whoever took the time to rummage through three years of tweets just to soil her name, should be ashamed of themselves. I won’t even get into the election. So many of my friends have lost true friends (not just FB friends) over opposing views. It’s crazy! Since when do we all need to think alike? What are we, cattle? (my apologies to cows)

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  8. Although a Christian I am one of the worse for biblical quotations, however I seem to recall something about Eyes, motes & planks?
    Societies have always been plagued by folk who look for things to be outraged about and have no intention to engage in dialogue. And yet they rarely have the backbone to (literally) stand up in public to express themselves.
    “Teenager says or does something stupid”…. and that’s news???? As the saying says ‘It goes with the turf’ (I survived fatherhood of three)
    Very profound and timely post

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  9. I enjoy solidarity as much as the next person, but I’ve nothing to learn from people who are just like me. My brain requires alternate opinions and views.

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  10. I forget who is was originally said it,* but the much paraphrased “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it” on the freedom of speech ethos, seems to go right over the PC (politically correct) police’ heads these days.
    Trolls aren’t rational by default, but they’d soon belly ache if people treated them the same way.
    Like you say – three years ago is a very long time in teen years and, yes, it does say a lot more about the ‘researcher’ than an angsty, hormonal, and uppity young adult, inexpertly mouthing off. And that’s before you get into the context of what was being said, which, given youth culture these days would have had perhaps given a fuller nuance on the offending word…
    We’re constantly being told it’s good to express ourselves, but when we do so candidly, are immediately jumped on for being insensitive. Are we now so wrapped up in cotton wool that words, like stick and stones, will break our metaphorical bones and mortally wound us? Worse things can and do happen, so let’s the whole stupid business blows over, and the poor girl can soon get back to smiling at everyone and making nice, safe wishes for health and world harmony in peace! 😉

    * I went and looked it up – it was a lady called Evelyn Beatrice Hall who was best known for her biography of Voltaire to whom the words are sometimes wrongly attributed.

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  11. I dont think think it’s a grumpy post, I think it’s well said. Who cares about a teenagers slip of the tongue three years past? It’ll only matter if she’s running for president, but I suspect she isn’t just yet. Lol! But really, why in this day and age are we still having beauty pageants, especially teen ones? Why are we still judging women on their appearance? We should be so over that by now. Is that all women have to offer, a pretty face and perfect body? I am very proud that my beautiful blonde haired blue eyed shapely nieces are studying biochemistry and learning to do something useful and valuable with their lives. More girls should be encouraged to do that rather than rely on their looks, which rarely last. There. Thats my rant for the day.

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  12. I do hate that witch-hunt mentality. Really, who would want to be in the public eye these days? – We all have our skeletons in the closet, and there seem to be armies of journalists delighting in the the opportunity to find them! I’m not saying people’s past doesn’t matter, sometimes it does and is important to find out. But mostly it’s just trashy gossip that they want to unearth.

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  13. carmens007

    A very interesting post. I totally agree with you. No one is perfect. We’d be saints in this case. We can’t be perfect. We won’t be human then. Not even those who live and are happy only in destroying other people’s lives. Because, yes, there are people who live, thrive in getting the dirt out and throwing it in the face of others, especially when those managed to grab one leg of FORTUNE! Trolls you call them. Righteous pigs I’d call them. I liked your statement: “We have the right to be wrong just as much as the right to be correct. Humans can learn, and will change throughout their lives.”

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  14. Am I wrong to think that Facebook has become the dominant obsession for many?
    What puzzles me is not just the banality of many photos/comments, but that they appear to fulfil a need. I have forgotten who said ‘the endless littleness of life” and he/she may have been a depressive, but they would see much of Facebook as confirmation of this viewpoint.
    Maybe I’m over-reacting, but a dangerous volatility seems to be emerging which, as I have said elsewhere, has the symptoms of:
    – the desire to impose our ‘ism’ on others, increasingly through force
    – intolerance of difference and a refusal to acknowledge the legitimacy of alternative views
    – an upsurge in selfishness/ lack of consideration for others
    – a crumbling of trust in others, especially those who are guardians of the law
    It is small wonder that little bigoted minds inhabit the spaces in Facebook, and a shame that more people aren’t ignoring them.
    Thanks for a timely, articulate blog.

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    • Wow, you dug up an old post somehow. I had to review it before commenting. It still holds true today. The endless character assinations are an abomination on society. There are folks out there screaming for presidential impeachment two days into the new administration. I don’t care for the guy, but I have to live here. I hope he does an incredible job and makes my life better, despite my reservations. Did you ever notice how most of the complainers on any topic never get involved and try making a difference?


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