Miss me?

We had a lot of guests on Entertaining Stories this week. All of them were fascinating in their own way, and I appreciate all of them. Some of you shared on your own blogs and tweeted out the posts. It takes guts to create something and share it with the world, promotion is a bugger, and your sharing is appreciated.

I had another weekend of not getting a bunch done on the writing front. Summer is not a great time for me to write a novel. There are too many other distractions. Otto likes people and demands attention. Trying to write while he is active is guaranteed to fail. He likes to chew on feet, hands, keyboards, anything to get attention.

I tricked him away from the keyboard by sacrificing my finger. Things usually work out, because he takes some big naps. He gets super active, then super tired. This weekend, my daughter and Otto worked in shifts. She wanted to talk while he napped, then when he woke up she left.

I worked on some micro-fiction, and that seems better suited for me during the summer. I managed one more for Macabre Macaroni in October, but I'm not satisfied with either one yet. I still need two more. Hopefully, I'll have four good ones before October.

I also started a short story, but only got about a third of it finished. No deadlines or rushes here.

In other news, another beta reader came through. She had some unique ideas, and I made several adjustments based upon her recommendations. I appreciate my beta readers so much, you have no idea. I couldn't do this without that kind of help.

I finally managed to assemble the stopper mechanism in my bathroom sink. After days of effort, in stages, I felt like I'd pulled the sword from the stone. This morning I proudly used my own sink to brush my teeth. The damned thing still leaks. I've never been a tool guy, and I proved it to myself yet again. I'm surprised that I can use the coffee maker successfully. It looks like I have to tear the whole thing apart and start over.

My wife decided to shampoo the carpets today. Moving furniture is more my style; no wrenches or assembly required.

I have about a ton of peaches ripening right before we go on vacation. This means I have to grab as many as possible, set a few aside to take with me, and leave the rest for the birds. I'd be willing to donate them somewhere, but it requires two days worth of picking and bagging. I have to work tomorrow. I made a wonderful peach sangria the other night though. I think I'll take a basketful to work tomorrow. My colleagues will enjoy them.

Not joking about the tonnage. One whole branch is bent down to the lawn with the weight.

I hope you folks are enjoying your summer. I'm not putting too much pressure on myself, and you shouldn't either. Enjoy it while you can. My only real focus is the release of my next Experimental Notebook. Everything else is a bonus.


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30 responses to “Miss me?

  1. Holy Peaches! Suddenly I wish I was your coworker… 😛
    Sorry about your sink drama. We still haven’t found the part for ours. It’s occurred to me that I could have ordered and installed an entirely new faucet by now. One day we’ll find it. So much of a house is ‘one day’ hm?
    Otto is so cute 🙂

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  2. That is a serious peach harvest. 😀

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    • Just picked a bushel basket and two little gift size for co-workers. Didn’t even make a dent in what remains.


      • My little squirrel heart is having an anxiety attack! … we harvest our roadside (country road – wouldn’t do it with anything busier) blackberries and apples every year and have big canning/freezing parties with the whole family and some years we’ve even taken some to the local food bank.
        ‘Tis the season of abundance. 🙂

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      • That’s what my family used to do. Now that it’s just us, it gets toned down. I’d still like to freeze or can some pie filling though.


  3. That’s a lot of peaches. Good luck with the harvest and carving out more writing time.

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  4. Looks like peach brandy makings.

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  5. Those are beautiful peaches. I made and canned some grape jelly yesterday. If I had those peaches I would be so, so busy. 🙂

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    • I planned on something similar, but coordinating this vacation with family wasn’t easy. Something has to give. If you were here I’d give you all you could handle. Maybe I’ll make another sangria, or a barbecued peach daiquiri.

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  6. Ali Isaac

    Wow! Your peach tree is AMAZING! I am so jealous! Where are you going for your holiday? You going in the caravan? Have a great time.

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    • We are taking the camper to the Oregon Coast again. We are going with family who’ve never been. That means we’ll probably have to repeat the usual routine, but it will still be fun.


  7. I don’t write as well in the summer either. My kids are out of school. Though one is now working. Things are busier on that front as well because my daughter can’t drive. She has night vision issues. So, I’m doing the driving. Though, I can’t complain too much, it brings a helping hand to our household budget.

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  8. I don!t think I’ve ever seen a peach trees like that. What an amazing crop you must harvest. Does Otto go after them?

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  9. Wow! Those peaches are gorgeous!!! I agree. This year I’m taking more time for myself, and enjoying every moment of it. I’d love to tell you our fruit is doing well, but the sad truth is, it’s pitiful. We might get a few grapes. Not one apple grew after the butchering my husband did to it last year. Same for the pears. I think we might have one or two. Sigh.

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