When I drove to work yesterday, the Boise foothills were on fire. This kind of thing seems to happen fairly regularly, and it usually makes for a smoky day.

As I got close to the office I saw open flames and they were right on the edge of town. It was about a half mile or less from my office. When I pulled into the parking lot, I lost view of the Flames because of the trees. This might not mean much to you, but it indicates a fire right at the base of the foothills. Authorities suspect illegal fireworks. Happy Fourth of July!

That isn't flame, it's sunrise. I've heard reports that one home was lost, and that two homes were actually lost. Either way, that's too damned close.

This is what Tablerock looked like after work from +/- the same spot.

Be careful outdoors this summer. Things are all dried up now, and campfires, cigarettes, fireworks, and even a dragging chain on an RV can cause this.

Otto decided to get up at 3:00 again. He's been pretty good for a week, but today he's an early bird. I've been up since then, and might as well post this now.

My wife is taking Otto to Nevada to show him to family this weekend. I'm staying behind and spraying trees in the back yard. It's best if a little puppy isn't around for a day or two for that.


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31 responses to “Yesterday

  1. This might be a silly question…but why are you spraying the trees? I have a very strange mental image right now.

    Btw, love the new background image 🙂

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  2. We sometimes have ‘wild’ fires (really people’s carelessness or negligent ignorance) start on the moors around here – luckily this year it’s been too wet, but it’s always sad to see the swathe of burnt vegetation.
    Make the most of the absence of early bird Otto this weekend! 😉


  3. This is the time of year for fireworks accidents. Nearly had one last year with the kid, which was terrifying. Makes me a lot more cautious. I’m curious what you’re spraying for too.

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  4. Wildfires must be terrifying, especially so close to home. We don’t get them much here. No idea why.

    You’re going to miss Otto, but I think you’re right. Best to keep him away while you’re spraying.

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  5. Wildfires must be scary. We don’t get them in my area, but I’ve known a few people out west who have been effected by them. I remember wildfires in Canada one year and the smoke made it into PA where I live. It was horrible outside. I can’t imagine what it must be like so close.

    I have a feeling Otto will have made a bunch of new fans by the time the trip is over!

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  6. There year I moved to Florida, 1997, the whole State was on fire. I would wake up and couldn’t see the car in the driveway. I was terrified it would come in the night and I would be trapped, but there were never any evacuations a round my hose.

    Otto has stolen my heart. He’s such a cutie.

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  7. Oh yeah, we have a lot of fires here due to the dryness. Glad there was no major damage. Good that Otto is away for the 4th!

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  8. Whoa. You are right. Much too close.

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  9. Terrible. I don’t think people understand how easily their small decisions can affect so many others. That IS really close.

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  10. A few years ago we had massive wildfires here in Texas during the height of the drought. Thank heavens it’s over now, but it was really scary back then. Someone nearly started one close to my house by continuing to tow a trailer with a flat tire spewing sparks. Some people are so careless and downright stupid. Hope you have a safe summer.

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  11. I’ve seen way too many deliberately (or stupidly) started fires, and the aftermath, to have anything but vengeful thoughts toward the ijits who do it … Humans have been doing stupid things with fire since Prometheus handed over the flame. Stupid Titan.

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  12. Love the new background!! We’re safe here in OH but for the accidental or sometimes from lightning.

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  13. Welcome to the New West, I guess.

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