Agony and Ecstasy

I'll start off with the bad stuff first. I like to close on a good note.

I haven't been around as much lately, and this is because of a WordPress/Apple problem. I'm blaming Apple, but who really knows. I'm posting this in hopes that one of the WordPress gurus will read it and offer some clarity.

I read blogs using the WordPress Reader and the Safari browser. I have options, and thank God for that. My preferred gadget is my iPad Pro. I also kept my old iPad, and it works normally. Yesterday, most of WordPress stopped working for iPads.

I can still log in, and read my own blog. I still get comments, and interaction. The link to look at stats produces a white screen, and the link to Reader does the same. This could be an iOS problem.

When I try my iPhone I don't have any problems. This also works on iOS. What the hell does that mean? I cleared the caches on both iPads and rebooted them – no help.

I tried the WordPress app (which I hate) and can read posts and comment from there. This is also an iOS product.

I tried the Mac, and everything is perfect there.

Using an iPad, I can still get to my WP Admin and upload images. Somewhere in this post I'll see if that works or not. I write my posts with an app called Blogsy, because it's easier. It seems to work, but I have something pre-scheduled tomorrow and am nervous about it loading now. Hell, I'm nervous about this post loading too.

These things drive me crazy, and surfing for answers doesn't help. I get top choices from questions asked six years ago. This is a today thing Google!!! Moving on…

I pulled on my editing jacket and managed to work through two short stories today. This is only the first pass, and I have several others to make.

I'm tempted to leave the jacket on as I fight with iOS and WordPress.

My number one goal was to finish reading Wings of Mayhem, by Sue Coletta. This I accomplished, but it worked kind of like this.

Open my Kindle app. Let Otto, the puppy outside.

Make coffee, let Otto inside.

Read a chapter, rescue the dirty laundry from Otto.

Microwave my cold coffee, let Otto outside.

Read a chapter, let Otto inside.

Read a chapter, rescue my foot from Otto's jaws.

Read a chapter, find Otto in my closet eating my shoes.

Read a chapter, walk the dog, repeat until the end.

I really enjoyed Sue's first book, Marred, but Wings of Mayhem is the best book I've read this year (so far). I gave her a five star review, and wished there was an extra star to award.

This never has been a book review blog so I'll stop here. Check out Wings of Mayhem yourselves.

I also sent off a list of desires for the cover of The Experimental Notebook of C. S. Boyack II. I paid in advance and ordered four more pinup pieces. Some are for book promotion, and some are for other purposes. Fans of Lisa can watch this space, or host me when I'm ready to tour the new Notebook around and you can share the artwork on your own blogs. These will be pieces loosely related to one of the stories in the book.

I'm still toying with the idea of paying someone else to format this one. I could do it, but it seems like a reasonable thing to farm out. I scoped out Jo Robinson's services and they seem pretty reasonable. I have to finish editing and get some beta feedback before I decide. It should be finished before I send it out.

So ending on a high note; I did a small amount of editing, I have new cover art on the way, and I finished reading a great book.

Now that I have a few minutes to pay attention, Otto is sound asleep. I posted a video to the Facebook page of him in his new wading pool if you are interested.


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40 responses to “Agony and Ecstasy

  1. Heya, I would contact WordPress support directly and ask about that. Just in case there are issues with the site on those platforms.

    Also, I’ll check that book out 🙂

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  2. I sense a pattern in that schedule. Just can’t put my finger on it. 😀 I know what you mean about those 6 year old questions too. The only way to fix it is to adjust the Google search for ‘this week’.

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    • I’m declaring victory. A small victory, but victory. I turned on some shark week and wound my way through two more stories. I have no idea why I need solitude to read and write, but some background is okay when I do edits. Maybe it’s because I don’t need retention and I’m concentrating on other issues.


  3. I think Otto is a distraction magnet, LOL. Sorry I can’t help with the WP issue but the Happiness Engineers have been on the ball lately (I’ve contacted them about several things). And Sue’s book is fabulous! So glad you had a chance to finish it at last. I love her Shawnee Daniels character.

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  4. Sweet jacket! Where can I get one?

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  5. I didn’t know Jo did formatting else I would have had her do mine. As it is, I went with CreateSpace to do both the POD and the Ebook. Bugs me though, cause I won’t have a word doc file to alter if I need to change something or add a link. I have to pay them $80 to reopen the mobi file.

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  6. I’ve been having a lot of trouble with proxy settings on WordPress sites when I load them on my computer. It says the page is unavailable. I got this for yours tonight then reloaded it and it worked. Not sure what the problem is. I’ve heard it’s a good idea to get formatting and editing (beyond your betas and cps) for work.

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  7. Glad Otto finally went to sleep. I hope whatever it is clears up.

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  8. Wow. Thank you so much for the awesome shout-out!!! You are really making my whole week. 🙂 Sorry I can’t help with WP. I have no idea what’s happening.

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  9. Isn’t technology wonderful?

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