Today wound up being a push

Push is an old Nevada term for a blackjack hand where the player ties the dealer. No winner, but no loser either. I thought a bit of explanation might help with readers who aren't familiar with it.

My parents are on a road trip, so I couldn't call them this morning. They promised to call me when they got home, but haven't yet. I'm not surprised, because it's a long drive.

I failed to go through my critiques today. There isn't much to address, and I should have done it. I just failed.

I did add about a page to a short story I've been picking away at. That's my victory for the day. It isn't much, but I'll take it.

I also added to my list of short stories for a future project I'm calling The Enhanced League. It's in my head now, and I need to keep jotting tidbits down. Actually the longer I take, and the more bits and pieces I have, the better this will turn out. I need to do a bunch of research for this one too, and make research notes.

I spent a bunch of time playing with Otto today. He's so much fun that I don't look at him as a distraction. I'm entitled to have a bit of fun now and then. I loaded a video to my Facebook Page of him with his new outside water dish. He thinks it's a wading pool and that we bought him the wrong size. Those of you who are enjoying Otto can see it over there.

This puppy has more than doubled his size in two weeks. Can you imagine what that would be like? It's no wonder he takes huge naps and eats like a horse.

For Summer, my stats are decent this week. Lisa Burton Radio remains popular, and I keep picking up a guest here and there. I'm gaining about a follower per day and this makes me pretty happy.

My post/story about Lisa's gardening adventures became the most popular one for June. June isn't over, but I'm thrilled for the comments and social media shares. It's nearly double the views of the next most popular post.

I occurs to me that if I'm putting out a second Experimental Notebook in September, I need to start getting organized. I have enough stories, but don't know if I have the word count. This means I need to read through the stories and do some editing. I need to assemble it all, check the word count, and write my intermission. The intermission was pretty popular in the last one, so I'm doing it again.

I have a large list of short fiction and would like to add one more. It's about a wildlife film maker who gets in over his head. I think I can do it justice and it would be nice in this Notebook.

Then I need to get a cover ordered, and a couple of Lisa posters for promotional purposes. I have some good ideas and am kind of excited to get it all ordered. The radio show image started as an idea for this book of short stories. Then it kind of evolved and I decided to make it something more.

Right now, paying for this is kind of an issue. We have to call the washing machine repairman and wait for that bill to arrive.

I think I'll call the blog updates a victory too. There are a certain number of words involved, so I'm counting them.

In the fail column, I didn't get to start the next book I want to read. My work is sending me on an overnight trip, and I may get to read in my hotel at night.

Victory or loss, does it really matter? I moved some things ahead, and failed moving other things ahead. I had a great time with Otto, and that has value to me.

I need to start making a promotional plan for September and October too. I've dropped a few hints to a friend, but nothing much beyond that. I want to possibly push my new Notebook and The Playground at the same time. First I need to have a new Notebook.

I'd probably be well advised to wash up a fountain pen and make a couple of lists. One for the new book and one for promotional purposes.

I'm still here, and I have vacation time Thursday or Friday. It feels like a chance to work on some bigger projects, but it's summer too. We'll see how it all goes.

No promises on a post tomorrow night. I always try to post something on Mondays, but I'll be on the road with colleagues overnight. Bonus though, we might get to visit an insane asylum from the 1800s on our personal hours. It evolved into a brothel and is now a restaurant/bar. I know the owner, and might get a behind the scenes tour.

If you miss me that bad, you can always check out one of my books.


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30 responses to “Today wound up being a push

  1. Have a great trip and hope you get to read a little. old brothel, huh. What kind of behind the scenes tour do they offer?

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  2. My mind is not leaving that asylum visit alone. Just imagining the creepiness and ghost stories that can come from that. Good to hear the puppy is growing and happy.

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  3. Thanks for the new term, I had no idea what a push was that way.
    Sounds productive to me πŸ™‚
    I enjoy Otto as a distraction as well.

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  4. I haven’t seen your Otto video, but will go look for it. It’s good to hear how you two are getting along. Makes my heavy heart smile. Lots of progress occurs in the mind before any action can be taken. At least, that’s how it is for me. Really fascinated by the asylum/brothel. Let me know if you catch wind of any old spirits hanging around. Milledgeville’s Central State hospital in GA was one such place that I’ve done tons of research on. Many stories of hauntings but even more haunting stories of real life there.

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    • Saw your FB posts yesterday. Glad to know you’re okay. The place in your book didn’t look like I pictured it. I suppose that’s always the case. Don’t know if I’ll get to visit the place or not, but we talked about it a few times.

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      • The Parliament House in my book is different from Pulse. Pulse, a tiny little club, is where everything went down. The Parliament House is much, much bigger.

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      • I thought you posted the Parliament House yesterday too. Maybe I surfed too fast. Doesn’t matter. What I think is cool is that readers form images when the writing is solid. My image differed, and that’s fine. I imagine when people read my stuff their image varies from what I had in mind too.

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      • I did post the sign that is out front of the Parliament house. That sign is iconic for anyone who has driven past, especially at night when the neon is lit up. There are two strips of hotels and five other buildings that make up the Parliament House…the theater, restaurant, and clubs…. and two huge parking lots. I have read so many things about San Francisco…but when I visited, it looked nothing like the images in my mind, except the Bridge, that looked like it because I had seen the image. I’m just thrilled that you could enjoy the book and Brandi’s character. I hope I did her justice in light of everything that has happened.

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      • I smell a dedication to the victims coming in the front of the book.

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      • My husband and I talked about that, but it would present a perhaps negative connection. There is an acknowledgement to The Parliament House and their entertainers already, before this tragedy occurred . I may set up something to honor fallen victims of Pulse. Haven’t decided yet.

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  5. Looking forward to the wildlife filmmaker story.

    Time with Otto is good for you, and good for him.

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  6. Wow. The insane asylum sounds fascinating. I hope you get that behind-the-scenes peek. Take pics if you can. I’d love to see it. Safe travels!

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  7. Have a safe trip. And I bet a visit to that insane asylum will spur a host of new ideas for the next Notebook. It’s amazing to think it’s now a restaurant. I’d love to hear what the “theme” decor is!

    And Otto is as adorable as always. Did he leave any water in that bowl when he was done playing? It looked like he was having a lot of fun πŸ™‚

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  8. Good luck on finishing the new Notebook. Have fun on your trip. An insane asylum sounds awesome. Although, if it was turned into a brothel and it’s now a restaurant I wonder if there’s anything left from the actual asylum. Take pictures if you find anything cool. πŸ˜‰

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  9. Have a nice time!! Good luck with you next Notebook!!

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