Plans in the wind…

My son wanted me to join his family out fishing tomorrow. I'm good with this, and bought a license tonight on our way to dinner. My wife got a text while we were eating, and they are folding up their camp and coming home. Apparently the wind is so bad it's blowing tables and tents over. There is a huge sand dune along Brownlee Reservoir, and the wind is blowing the dune across the road in places.

Tomorrow, I may wind up doing some reading. I'm way behind on that. I have 20% of a book to finish, and another one I promised to read for a friend. I need to get on with it, because I try not to keep my friends waiting.

I also have my critiques to address. There are a few issues with Yak Guy that I can take care of.

Writing will take a back seat, but could happen. I have an unfinished short story, and there is the ongoing saga of the Yak Guy.

I suppose it all depends on what life throws my way. I need to get the Toyota serviced, and will see if they have an opening tomorrow. I may do some things on the camper, and there is always gardening to get done.

Then there is Otto. He needs attention, and is a welcome distraction. I get a kick out of his antics. Right now he's outside fighting with the sprinkler.

We wound up having pizza and beer tonight at Old Chicago. This establishment is at our local mall. My wife likes to eat fast and go shopping. This leaves me to try a bunch of new beers. She was quick this time, and I only got to have three. I'm content though. Bonus, take home pizza I can have for breakfast tomorrow.

I'm not getting up early unless Otto insists. It's nice to get one day to sleep in. Tomorrow I'm playing it by ear.

Wish I had the cash to attend the Blogger's Bash, but that will probably never happen. It looks like a good time, and I hope everyone enjoys themselves. Hoist a cold one for me.


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31 responses to “Plans in the wind…

  1. Sounds like a busy weekend already. What’s Hoist?

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  2. Sounds like a low key weekend. Those are always nice even if you don’t get much writing done. Good luck sleeping in.

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  3. Enjoy your fishing time. I can’t get enough of it. Hugs to Otto.

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  4. Sounds like you have a bit more going on than I, but finding things to waste time on is one of my specialties. šŸ˜€

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  5. What is Blogger’s Bash?

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    • It’s a group of people who meet up in London every year. They have awards that people vote on and everything. I was nominated last year, but not this year. The get people from Europe attending, but I don’t think many Americans make it.

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  6. Glad you got some beer and some plans to fish — these are good things, AND you still have a puppy. šŸ™‚
    I like cold pizza for brekkie, I do.

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  7. Ali Isaac

    Thanks Craig… literally just back from the Bloggers Bash, it turned out to be a great day! I am sad you don’t think you will ever make it, I would dearly love to meet you one day. There are bloggers from US who want to come next year, so maybe one day… Although you couldn’t leave Otto.

    Sorry the fishing was cancelled but sounds like you got a bunch of other stuff done instead. Hope your Sunday is just as fruitful.

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  8. Hope you got to sleep in.

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  9. We had gusty winds yesterday, too. I’m in galley mode so I haven’t managed any writing, but once I knock this out, I can get back to it. I need a pet like Otto to distract me now and then.

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  10. Pizza and beer – a perfect meal. I like cold pizza for breakfast! Hope you get (got) some fish!

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