Guest Author Sue Coletta with Wings of Mayhem #Thriller #Suspense #CrimeFiction

Two of my favorite people get together to talk about a wonderful new thriller. Please drop by and check it out.

From the Pen of Mae Clair

I’ve got a wonderful guest visiting today, and hope you’ll welcome Sue Coletta with her latest release Wings of Mayhem. Cool title, huh? Crack open your ereader and prepare for much more.

Sue has a wonderful blog devoted to everything crime—cold case stories, forensics research, DNA, crime scene studies and *gulp* the world of serial killers. The last one factors into Wings of Mayhem and will keep you on the edge of your seat. Before I turn things over to Sue, I invite you check out her blog Inside the Mind of a Crime Writerwhere you’ll find such interesting posts as Buried Alive: How to Escape Your Grave  (tell me you haven’t wondered about that one) and Eyewitness Testimony—Test Your Observation Skills.

Finally, a word about Wings of Mayhem. It’s a book that sucks you in to the exclusion of all else, a pulse-pounding page turner that…

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11 responses to “Guest Author Sue Coletta with Wings of Mayhem #Thriller #Suspense #CrimeFiction

  1. Thanks again, Craig. 🙂

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  2. Thanks for that lovely intro, Craig, and for the reblog. Wings of Mayhem is a great read!

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  3. Kev

    What? Mae and Sue in the same place… Now that’s a treat! 😀

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  4. Looking forward to this!!

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