I must be cursed. I never got to do any writing last weekend, and the near future isn't looking any better.

Today, I had a recurring appointment to get my blood pressure medication refilled. I knew this was coming for a long time, and should have allowed me some quality time this afternoon. Then my eye doctor called and my glasses were in.

The appointments weren't exactly back to back, so I decided to surrender and got a haircut while I was out. The day was shot, so I tried to make the best of it.

The best I could manage was to rough-out the shtick for a future Lisa Burton Radio interview. I got it sent out, and it's going to be a fun one. Then again, I think they're all fun.

This weekend, I've been invited to a family event at a State Park. This will kill Saturday.

I took two days off next week, and they are already booking up with errands. Does anyone know any rituals to recover lost writing time?

I've slacked off on personal promotion too. This is by design, because I've never been able to accomplish much during the summer. Maybe it's the kind of books I write. Books about girls at the beach might be more popular this time of year. God bless them, and I hope they sell a ton. I'd like some consideration when the kids go back to school though.

I'm already pondering some plans for a September/October push. This is how my mind works. I'll probably do multiple things at once to spur things along.

On the plus side, I'm pretty happy with my new glasses. Otto is growing and getting a lot more active. His favorite game is still put things in his mouth and bite them. At least he's moved beyond my toes.

They say Bulldogs don't do well with temperature extremes. Otto loves being outside, even though it's over a hundred degrees today. He's learned how to cool off, and likes to sleep on the air conditioner vent. I've never had a dog who wanted anything to do with the vents, so this is kind of unusual.

This evening, I am going to try to read, but I expect occasional trips outside, broken up by visits to the vent.


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40 responses to “Cursed!

  1. Well, I hope you get back at it. In the meantime enjoy the puppy and real life events like family day in the park. 🙂

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  2. That Otto is one smart dawg! 😀

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  3. Smart dog. No ritual for recovering writing time that I know of. Maybe the universe will reward stubbornness with a few days of writing along with inspiration.

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  4. I know the too many things to do to get anything done routine well. This may be your best time of the year to kick back and let things happen, fun stuff like puppies and family.

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  5. Well ya know, maybe Otto and the other stuff is good for a bit of a break. Your hair looks great 😉

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  6. I feel your pain. I have got very little writing done over the last month, perhaps 10,000 words. Much less than I usually manage. I do have a good excuse but it’s frustrating me!

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  7. OMG, he gets cuter and cuter!!!! Aww…cooling his little body on the vent. How smart. ❤ I had a different comment in mind, but as soon as I saw Otto I could think of nothing else.

    Hi, Otto. You're such a gooooood booooy.

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  8. Our doggy used to sit on the vent, too – cool in summer, warm in winter, they know what they’re doing 🙂
    Hope you get back to writing soon, I’m sure it’ll happen when you’re ready.

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  9. Sometimes family, dogs and errands have to take precedent over writing. I know you’ll settle back in soon, because like most writers, I’m sure you can’t stay away from it for any true duration.

    Love the Otto pic. I had a cat who use to lay on a heat vent like that.

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  10. I’ve been absent for awhile now and apparently missed the entrance of Otto. He’s a cutie and very, very smart! Not only to sleep on the vent but for adopting you! 😉

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  11. Otto is not only cute but smart. Do give him LOTS of water. With regard to losing time, I’ve taken to grouping all those medical/pickup things to one day – If there’s something waiting to be picked up, it can wait.It’s still annoying when things just keep popping up. Maybe you can push everything into one morning or one afternoon.
    Will Otto move on to shoes?

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  12. Ali Isaac

    Sometimes life conspires against you and steps in the way of your plans. Nothing you can do but roll with it…

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