Getting limited work done

My wife likes to do everything in the heat of the day. Me, not so much. I'd rather do things about 9:00 in the morning. I believe even shopping should put us at the stores when they unlock the door at 10:00.

We wanted to drain the antifreeze from the camper and get it ready for use today. We didn't even get a start until 11:30. This isn't real antifreeze, it's something else, for the sake of my sanity I call it antifreeze.

I put the hitch on my truck, and loaded the camper battery. We had to retrieve the camper from the storage facility, bring it home, and fill it with water. This allowed us to flush the lines until all the red stuff disappeared. The residue goes in the grey water tank, and in the case of the toilet – the septic tank.

This means we had to take it to a dumping facility, and the easiest one is in Emmett some 20+ miles away. We decided to take Otto with us. He does well in the car, and I have a great air conditioner. I left the AC on and a window down while I emptied out the tanks. It was about 99 degrees out there today.

Otto was a little tired when we got home, but wasn't deeply effected by the heat.

I managed to print two and a half of my critique reads out. That's when the printer refused to work because it wants a more ink. I will work up two critiques tomorrow, and will have to find someplace to print the final one.

I spent some time assembling the next radio interview, then sent out a rough draft of the one after that. These things are a blast to do, because I get to work with some incredible authors.

I'm always looking for someone to participate in Lisa Burton Radio, so let me know if you're interested. The character interviews have been well received and I don't think anyone else is doing them. I think it's a pretty good opportunity.

Otto decided he likes the laundry room and the kitchen. We have a cool smooth floor in there and he likes to lay on it. He tends to go like crazy, then crash hard. In a few hours he's ready to go again. I believe the yoga crowd refers to this one as “Resting Frog.”

Have a good evening everyone. I'm going back to my reading for now.


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43 responses to “Getting limited work done

  1. Ali Isaac

    He looks like a soft toy in this pic!

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  2. OMG, the froggy legs. I can’t stand it. He keeps getting cuter and cuter. ❀ That's it. I'm now the self-appointed President of The Otto Fan Club.

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  3. He does look comfy and I can relate to the heat thing. I’d much prefer to get everything done early and get back in the house before the day gets really muggy. It’s ridiculous humidity here, which seems to be harder to avoid. Good luck getting Radio Show guests.

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  4. I prefer to be inside until it’s cool. I don’t rise early. Not on purpose anyway. If I can get things done in the cool of the morning, I do, but I’d rather go out at dusk.

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  5. I love the way Otto is laying. Our boxer does the same on the cool floor.

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  6. My hubby is an early riser, too. He’s got me in the habit when we want to do something, and now we grumble that the stores don’t open early enough.

    Otto scores again! I’m convinced he can’t take a bad pic!

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  7. Oops. P.S. I’m going to work on the Lisa thing. I started it awhile ago and then got sidetracked. I know a certain someone who would like to be a guest πŸ™‚

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  9. I was going to mention this once and forgot. When reading the Lisa Burton radio posts, I sometimes get lost about who is doing the talking. Is there some way you can ID the speaker without breaking the interview flow? Just a thought I had.

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